Anecdotes About “Married With Children” That Will Probably Surprise You

From the realms of classic sitcoms of the 1990s, comes Married with Children, one of the top iconic shows of our time. The show was loved by all because of the beautiful performances by actors including Al, Peggy, Kelly, and Bud, who were one of the most hilarious families of all time. This American sitcom ran for 10 years and totally redefined the way TV shows portrayed marriages. The show has a lot of behind the scene facts that will surprise you even if you have watched all the episodes. From the fantastic talent of Ed O’Neill to Peggy Bundy’s maiden name, we bring you 29 surprising facts about “Married… with Children” that will surprise you.

Although this sitcom was a huge success, each episode was very expensive. It may have seemed to be a simple show with no special effects and running on a small budget, but it was actually one of the most expensive TV shows in history.


Every episode of the TV series cost around $1 million. This may partly explain why the series was untimely canceled. Asides the operating expenses, there was also the lawsuit charges filed by people who took offense with the show. In all, the profit margin was not enough.

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