May the Egg Be with You: Easter Eggs from a Galaxy “Far Far Away”

Every year on May 4th there is a holiday only Sci-Fi lovers used to know. It has now become known as international Star Wars day, its observance has spread through social media, and it is now celebrated across the globe. Star Wars is a movie saga full of imagination, the captivating lightsabers, feel igniting music, and characters you just can’t help but love. We have gathered some Star Wars Easter eggs for your enjoyment on this year’s holiday season. May-the-Fourth-Be-With-You!

Rogue One

The opening scene of “Rogue One” is a bridge of “ Revenge of the Sith ” and “ A New Hope “. The movie opens in a prison colony called Wobani which is an anagram of Anakin Skywalker’s mentor and master “Obi-Wan Kenobi.” The film also begins with much like other Star Wars films with a big yellow lettered title, and a ship moving from deep space into an unknown planet.


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