Most Scandalous Game-Show Moments to Air on TV

In the 1950s, the popular quiz show “Twenty One” was exposed for being scripted. “Twenty One” may have been the first game show accused of being scripted, but it certainly wasn’t the last. The 1950s game show scandal began revealing that almost all American Game shows were scripted. Fans were heartbroken when they found out that quiz game shows were faked just to receive higher ratings. The scandal completely changed how Americans watch TV.


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Even today, game shows still have scandalous moments. Some involve rude hosts, and others involve fugitive contestants. There are also some strange game shows out there that you won’t believe they exist. From competitions that are dangerous to competitions that involve absolutely no talent or skills, you won’t believe people came up with these ideas. Guess which gameshow had an actual serial killer as a contestant. Check out the craziest game-show scandals to ever be aired on TV.

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