Movies That Move You: We Challenge You Not to Feel Something While Watching Them

There are movies that you go into knowing that you’re going to cry. And then there are movies that surprise you by how emotionally charged they are. These are by far the most gut-wrenchingly emotional movies you ever saw or will see. And keep in mind that crying doesn’t have to be out of sadness. Sure, there are truly sad movies in which you’re compelled to tear up. But there are also films that bring happy tears. This list includes both as well as simply touching movies that force you to really feel something. This list is rated according to the rankings on IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes, and we’re going to save the best for last. Oh, and there may be some spoiler alerts.

So you can go ahead now and pop open the microwave, heat up some popcorn, and grab the box of tissues. Why? Because we all need a good cry sometimes.

50. Terms of Endearment (1983)

Anyone who saw this movie can attest to its gut-wrenching quality. Aurora and Emma are mother and daughter who don’t necessarily get along. Aurora shows how both difficult and loving she is. it’s definitely a sad movie, but it’s also a love story between a mother and a daughter.


But instead of being totally depressing, James L. Brooks (the writer/director) managed to create a film that is sharp, smart, and convincing and all the more heartbreaking.

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