Oops! 36 of the Best Public Typos… Because Mistakes Can Be Funny

Sure, mistakes happen. Sometimes they’re common and boring. But sometimes they’re funny and people take photos of them and share it with the world. Let’s thank these people for not only noting the mistakes but also letting us in on the fun. Because sharing is caring.

Here’s a list of public typos, some might make you smirk, but others will crack you up. Enjoy!

1. No Enrty

With a sign as simple as “Entry”, it’s a shame that this even happened. Do people not proofread anymore? But shame aside, it’s a classic typo. And one for the books.


Source: YouTube

Let’s keep going and see all the rest of the typos the nation has to offer.

2. Not Committed to Proper Spelling Though

When it comes to education, spelling, and grammar is usually high up on the list of expectations. But apparently, this high school missed the boat on proper spelling of the word “committed”. It seems as though their high standards don’t apply to correct spelling. Let’s hope that this is the only public typo they have. Otherwise, they might need to rethink their slogan.


Source: bottomoftheclass.com

3. Bye Bye Used Cars

If by “Bye” then mean saying goodbye to the used cars that they sold, then okay, it could work. But chances are, that wasn’t the case. The case is a classic one of not checking your signage before getting it produced. They must have noticed eventually and just hope that people won’t pay attention.


Source: www.pinterest.com

4. Oh, the Irony

When your sign is in English, make sure the English is right. Especially if you’re promoting English as a language! There should be no exceptions. Not even for typos.


Source: YouTube

5. Em I Essess I Essess I Pee Pee I

Speaking of promoting English… This title is mentioning a literacy program and its improvement. Irony is one of the best things this world has to offer us. And here’s an example in bold letters.


Source: funny-jokes.com


Just like the “ENRTY” sign, a single word that is also short shouldn’t be subject to a typo. But maybe it’s the banality of the word or even the task that makes it prone to mistakes. Either way, it’s a big one. Literally, the letters “SOTP” are huge.


Source: www.tweb.club

7. You’re and Your

Another school sign that wasn’t spell-checked. This is becoming a trend. Doesn’t everyone remember the Friends episode where Ross yells at Rachel about her long letter telling her the difference between “your” and “you’re”? Jeez.


Source: www.redbull.com

8. Turning into a Toad

Is this a typo or an inside joke about fairytale princes turning into toads? Or is the other way around? Anyways, we’re sure non-customers will not turn into toads. And yes, we know. They meant “towed”.


Source: buzzghana.com

9. Pubic schools

Yet another school typo. It seems quite common. What we want to know is what the 15 best things about their “pubic” schools are. Could correct spelling be one of them? What a typo. It’s so big and high up too.


Source: www.rd.com

10. You’ll be Fine

Don’t worry, nothing will happen if you illegally park there. You will be fine. You won’t be fined or anything. Surely no one gets a fine at this spot if you’re not allowed to park there.


Source: imgur.com

11. Crosswalk Gone Wrong

The irony of the word school misspelled is already good stuff. But when it’s painted in huge block letters on the pavement for all the children to see every day on their way to school…well, that’s just perfect. Let’s hope someone told them about the typo. If not, they have their work cut out for them.


Source: bottomoftheclass.com

12. Bored Room

What’s in a name? Well, in this case, it’s all in the name. We can call this one a Freudian slip of the keyboard. Whoever made this sign either didn’t pay attention or wanted to take a stab at the office. Whatever it is, it’s pretty spot on.


Source: imgur.com

13. Newspaper Fail

Newspapers make typos too. And, of course, it happens to the best of us. For sure most people will just skim the headlines, not pay much attention, but for those who catch a typo like this will either laugh or call the newspaper to complain.


Source: www.tweb.club

14. Falling Asleep at the Keyboard

This newspaper typo is so blatantly off that the only logical assumption that can be made is that the person fell asleep on the keyboard. But don’t they have editors? This typo is a fail on two parts.


Source: www.rd.com

15. Brian’s Evolving

We’re glad to hear that Brian is human and that he’s evolving. It’s too bad that a typo like this is so distracting because the actual topic is quite interesting! The human brain is capable of so many things, mistakes included.


Source: imgur.com

16. Some More Irony

Some of the best typos are the ironic ones. Just like the school-related ones, this one is pretty good. The whole point of the piece is to make a correction, but the title is misspelled. So they will probably make another blurb the next week about this correction. Hey, at least they own it.


Source: YouTube

17. Cash Prize

So isn’t this nice? You violate a parking space (most likely) and your car will get towed. But at least you’ll find $50! Who doesn’t love a cash prize when picking up your car at the pound? So much better than having to pay.


Source: imgur.com

18. Book Fail

The unfortunate case for book typos is that they have such a permanence to them. This page will just sit there and stare at you forever. And this means that there were more than one published. Unlike a newspaper that gets forgotten after 24 hours or a sign that can be changed, this is a book. And the typo is there to stay.


Source: www.rd.com

19. You’ve Been Severed

Oh, McDonald’s. We know you’re a giant. We know you like to brag. You make billions of burgers. But do you have to cut everyone off? Just keep feeding them, like you know how to do so well.


Source: imgur.com

20. Warmed in Owen

It isn’t so clear, but it looks like this is a built-in announcement on a microwave oven. And the microwave wants you to know that there are fresh baked cookies. And even more so, they’ve been warmed up in someone named Owen. They better be yummy.


21. Flozen foods

This is either a typo of the word “frozen” or there’s a whole new section of foods under the new category “Flozen”. Is Flozen a brand? A type of health food? Who knows.


Source: www.rd.com

22. How Morbid

Sure, death is a part of life. But we don’t need to have it shoved in our faces that we’re going to die. This isn’t so much a typo as it is a technical or even editorial error. Or maybe someone has a dark sense of humor.


Source: www.tweb.club

23. Tattoo Fail

Tattoos are not exempt from typos. And the worst part is that it’s permanently on your skin. That tattoo is there to stay. So this person has a few options. Leave it and laugh at it, cover it up with another tattoo, or get it removed.


Source: YouTube

24. Tattoo Fail 2

This tattoo must have been done by a non-English speaker and done on a non-English speaker. Why didn’t anyone say anything? Did no one speak English in the tattoo parlor?


Source: bottomoftheclass.com

25. Medical Typo

This one is in the system! A medical system it seems. They most likely didn’t intend for this symptom. And if they did, it’s something we’ve never heard of before. Let’s just assume that someone forgot to hit the space button after “eat”.


Source: imgur.com

26. Nihilist Typo

That little box that pops up to give you a second chance at closing the program. But this little box wants to know if you want to close a different program. A program we like to call life. The space in which we exist. It’s a deep question.


Source: www.rd.com

27. More Special Beef

Hi again, McDonald’s. We can see that you don’t always check your signs. And that you have a special kind of burger. Based on the sign, they’re new and should be tried.


Source: YouTube

28. Poopsicle

We have newspapers, signs, tattoos. And now we have TV news captions. At least news captions can be edited instantly and disappear within seconds or even minutes. So, this typo was enjoyed by the few people that were watching the TV at that moment.


Source: imgur.com

29. Doctor Recommended

These look like instructions for what to do if you’re not feeling well. Hopefully, the people reading don’t take the instructions literally and follow orders just because the doctor told them so.


Source: www.tweb.club

30. They Have Derams

Not one, but two signs with mistakes on the same word. And the mistakes are even different! Did they make the signs together? Did one person make both signs and make two different errors on the same word? What are the odds?


Source: bottomoftheclass.com

31. Rapefruit

This isn’t really a typo as it is a major fail on the copywriters and designers. It’s too bad. The point of the article is true. Grapefruit really is healthy! But it’s just too distracting.


Source: www.rd.com

32. Beep

Daily Mail.jpg

Source: www.rd.com

Usually, a typo is a one-time mistake, but beep appears four times here. And this is based on this one photo. There’s probably more. Clearly, whoever wrote this menu really think that beep is what cow meat is.

33. That’s a Lot of Bowels


Source: imgur.com

We’re not sure who or what this list is for, but let’s hope that the person reading this will make sure to bring 100+ bowls.

34. Some More Irony


Source: imgur.com

There’s nothing better than the ironic typos. When there are instructions on something such as spelling, make sure to spell the word spelling correctly. Or maybe they really meant to look out for a spell king. But even then, it should be spaced correctly.

35. Smoking is Actually Quite Silent


Source: www.tweb.club

Who knew smoking was something that can be done out loud. The point here is, if you’re going to smoke, make it quiet.

36. Free wife

Wow. This hotel offers free wives! Not only do you get hot and “cook” water, but you also get full AC and a free wife. The beauty of this photo is that whoever highlighted the “free Wife” part missed out on the other typo.


Source: imgur.com