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What Guy Fawkes Night Represents Today

Today’s Guy Fawkes Night is celebrated at large events run by charity organizations with bonfires and extravagant firework displays. Increase in the popularity of the Halloween celebration, however, poses as a threat to the continued celebration of Guy Fawkes Day celebration. Still, the day has been symbolically used by groups that detest suppressive actions by their governments. Supporters of the “Occupy Movement” often wear the mask of Guy Fawkes.


LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM – 2017/11/05: A protester seen wearing a Guy Fawkes mask during the march. (Photo by Brais G Rouco/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

The movement protests against the increasing corruption, greed, and lack of accountability in financial and political spheres. People have different opinions with regards to the meaning of the mask. To some, it is a symbol of “active terrorism.” Such a view is pegged on the acts of the intended killings in 1605. However, to others, the masks are a demonstration of unity against corporate and political greed. The Guy Fawkes Day celebrated today has a greater meaning than anyone present in the 16th century could imagine. A more noble meaning than the person it was named after intended.

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