Signed with Ink – the Most Hilarious Tattoo Fails You’ll Ever See

Whether you’re a fan or not of tattoos, seeing really bad tattoos is simply entertaining. You can laugh along with us for a moment and stare at your screen in bewilderment at these hilarious tattoo fails. Enjoy!

BBQ Grill

Ariana Grande just recently got a tattoo on her palm in honor of her latest song “7 Rings.” But, the Japanese symbols were misspelled, and it actually translated to “shichirin,” a word for a Japanese style BBQ grill.


But she corrected the error and updated the tattoo. Now it says “Thank U, Next”. Hey, it’s better than BBQ Grill.

Is That Supposed to Be Marilyn Monroe?

We’re lucky the person gave the image of Marilyn, who we’re assuming the tattoo is supposed to represent.



But if Marilyn’s photo wasn’t provided there’s no way we would ever have guessed that she was the intended target. What a fail. But hey, the flowers are kind of pretty.

And This is Supposed to be Angelina Jolie, Right?

Angelina’s photo is supposed to be fierce, gritty, and even sexy. But this tattoo failed on many levels.



For one thing, it’s a bad attempt to copy the image. And secondly, why is he even getting a tattoo of her in the first place?

The next tattoo involves a serious typo.

Don’t Worry, “It’s Get Better”

It’s hard to understand how people have typos in their tattoos. Especially if it’s in your own language. Maybe this person doesn’t speak English, but still!


Just Something

Don’t people proofread anymore? This isn’t a simple Word document – this is your skin and your skin is there for life!

A Family Photo Gone Wrong

Getting a family photo tattooed on your body is a nice gesture. Sure, you love your kids. But do you love their scary tattooed faces on your body?



It’s best to look at them in real life and enjoy their actual cuteness. Or you could just put the photo in a frame and look at it every day.

The next tattoo fail is right on her face!

Everyone Needs to Know

As you can see from her post, she needed everyone to know that she is indeed vegan. So much so that she planted it right on her face.



From the looks of it, she didn’t consult with anyone on this. We would assume that someone close to her, even a stranger, would advise her not to do this. But, too late.

Again, That’s Supposed to be Elvis Presley?

This is a common theme, apparently. People want to get celebrities tattooed on their bodies. But you would think they would at least get a good artist!


Some Ecards

That face looks absolutely nothing like Elvis. But E for effort.

The next failed tattoo will make you cringe.

Poor Baby

The actual baby is so cute and sweet. So how could anyone think this was a good idea? Tattoo artists always show the sketch before putting it on the skin.


Runt of the Web

So how did this parent not look at the frightening sketch and scream in horror? Poor baby. Hopefully, she won’t see this tattoo of her…ever.

Only God Can…

He said it himself: Only God can fudge him. We’re going to safely assume that he meant “judge.” But that wouldn’t be funny then.


Runt of the Web

Again, how is it possible to make these kinds of mistakes with no one intervening and saving the poor guy?

Next, seriously poor decision-making result.

20/20 Tattoo Vision

This guy had the bright idea to get glasses tattooed on his face. Why? We have absolutely no idea. But he seems really excited. Even his girlfriend in the photo seems pleased.



This should come as a lesson, not to drugs or drink. Because something like this could result.

Cat Brows

This girl figured that getting cats as eyebrows was the best idea she had all year. Fail.



Let this be a lesson that you shouldn’t go out and do every idea that pops into your head.

On the Theme of Judgement

Remember Judge Judy? Well, she doesn’t only appear on television. She also appears on this guy’s leg!


Nails Images

And he must really be a fan of good ol’ Judy. At least she’s smiling. Because on her show, not so much.

Okay, so the next tattoo fail is not just a little bit scary…

Too Scary to Understand

It looks like she is a fan of horror movies. It could be a portrait of Michael Meyers. Which, if so, is extremely peculiar.


College Humor

And if it’s supposed to be someone else, and not a horror character, then that is one unfortunate person.

She’s Famous…Finally

Her tattoo has a typo, can you see it? Aside from the missing “L”, let’s talk about the tattoo itself. Is she famous? Because we don’t recognize her.


Runt of the Web

Is she famous? Or is this the kind of famous that people think they are when they have more than 500 followers on Instagram?

You should see the next tattoo. It’s another poor rendition of a late and great beauty.

Sorry, Marliyn, You Were Better Than This

Poor Marilyn Monroe. Everyone thinks they can take her beauty and put it on their bodies. And then things like this happen.


Bored Panda

No, this is not a good tattoo. It doesn’t do the late great Marilyn justice. She deserves better.

Forever Suspended

This guy thought permanent suspenders on his body. And we won’t even comment on the fact that they’re rainbow-colored.



Do you think he poses like this every time he takes off his shirt? Let’s hope not.

A Compass Gone Wrong

Either she or the tattoo artist was drunk at the time this was happening. The compass is way off. In case they didn’t know, North is Above South and West is left of East.


Awkward Mom

Even if you turn her upside down, it doesn’t work. It’s all wrong. And it’s such a huge tattoo, too.

The next person’s face says it all.

His Face Says it All

Maybe he thought it was a good idea to get this tattoo, but when he saw the result, his facial expression shows you exactly how he’s feeling.


Awkward Mom

If we had to put a word to describe his emotion here, we would have to use the word disappointed.

A Solution to Baldness

Maybe when this guy was going bald, he thought of all his options. And this was the decision he made. He decided to put a face on the back of his head.


Bored Panda

And not just any face. He put a frightening face that is likely to scare every single person behind him. For instance, the unfortunate person behind him on the plane.

Bon Jovi Didn’t Say That

We’re pretty sure he said, “It’s My Life” but hey, maybe we’re wrong. Did he really think these were the actual lyrics?


Bored Panda

There is a possibility, however, that the tattoo artist was playing a very mean joke on this guy. Poor thing.

Next, a really awful idea. Just awful.

What’s That Smell?

This girl seems really happy and pleased with what we see as a horrible tattoo and the result of really poor decision-making.



Tell us, why on earth did she think this was a good idea? And it would really hurt to get a tattoo on your armpit! Ouch.

Blue Eminem

We like puns, we really do. But this one is just unfortunate. Eminem – M&M, we get it. But still.


Bored Panda

And from what we know about Eminem, we don’t think he would be too pleased if he saw this on this guy’s leg.

You won’t believe what the next person put on his face.

Winter is Coming

Forget the fact that he tattooed his face. The real question here is if this guy likes winter or not.



His tattoo could be seen as literal, stating that the winter is approaching. But maybe he has a hidden meaning. Tell us, sir, what is it about the winter?

It’s Too, Not To

Come on now, we’ve been over this so many times. It’s “too”, not “to.” Didn’t he pay attention in 2nd grade English class?


Just Something

There’s a possibility that he’s trying to be clever and he’s using the word “big” as a verb. But chances are, it’s just an embarrassing typo on his body forever.

If you’re a Simpsons fan, you’ll appreciate the next tattoo.

A Simpsons Yin and Yang

This tattoo is more hilarious than the fact that it’s a fail. He must be a real fan of the cartoon television series.



Is that supposed to be Apu as the dark side of the yin/yang? We’re really interested to know the story behind this tattoo.

Gorilla Head

This is just frightening. What would possess him to do such a thing? The good news here, is that he could just grow his hair out and then you won’t see it.



But what if this is some strange bald spot on his head? And this was his way of filling it in? Let’s hope not.

The next tattooed person was clearly fearless.

Why the Heart?

There were enough fingers for this person to spell the word correctly, though! So why the heart? Why?


Just Something

What’s worse: the mistake of not spelling the word right or the fact that she/he wanted to add the heart?

Wow, Look at Those Abs, Wait a Second…

This is a question of whether this guy was being clever or if he actually wants people to think he has abs.


My Style News

And if he thinks that it makes him look buff, anyone who comes within one meter will see right away.

The next tattoo fail is confusing, see for yourself.

So, Should We Give Up?

We’re a bit confused. Should we give up? Or never? Because the double negative is quite confusing in this case.


Runt of the Web

If it’s not a typo, then that’s pretty un-inspirational. And if it is indeed a typo, then maybe it’s worth putting something over the word “don’t.”

This Guy Loves Taco Bell

This tattoo is all wrong on so many levels. For one, Taco Bell should never be placed on your body as a tattoo.


Runt of the Web

And secondly, why on the lower back? And we’ll even go for a third: who loves Taco Bell so much that he wants to tattoo himself with it?

The next tattoo fail in smack dab in the middle of his forehead.

Eagle Head

Something tells us that this guy is serious. This isn’t some joke or prank that he did when he was in his teens.


Bored Panda

This is a guy who has a full-blown conviction that he is an eagle. And he needed a colored tattoo to depict his thoughts.

Turkey Sandwich

Everyone makes fun of those people who get Chinese tattoos that have no idea what the haracters even mean.


Bored Panda

This guy realized through Google Translate that his tattoo means turkey sandwich. How unfortunate. But hey, maybe he likes the sandwiches.

You should see the next tattoo. It’s as though a child drew it.

Who Drew That?

These days, with all the technology and ability to print images from the internet, tattoos like these should not exist.


Emo Images

Not only is the faceoff, but look at the tail! It’s totally out of proportion. This guy should take art lessons again.

Another Scary Custom-Made Tattoo

Here’s yet another example of why baby photos should remain in frames and not inked onto your body.


Bored Panda

The tattoo baby looks more like Buddha than the actual child. Which, now that we think about it, kind of works!

The next tattoo fail involves an amateur mistake.

Your, Not You’re

Has this girl not seen the Friends episode where Ross and Rachel are in a fight over her 16-page letter?



He clearly makes it obvious to Rachel that she made a mistake between “your” and “you’re” in her letter. Come on, it’s simple spelling.

Demon Baby

Looks like another baby photo gone wrong. And the tattoo artist was not aware that the result would look more like a demon than a baby.


Just Something

Why did they make it so red? And the expression on the baby’s face looks like he’s suffering. What an unfortunate tattoo to see for the rest of your life.

A Prom Queen Who Can’t Spell

This prom queen may have been nominated for her popularity, but she definitely didn’t win for her scholarly excellence.


Just Something

Unless prome queen is a new title that we’re unaware of, it’s spelled “prom.” Read a book, dear.

Next, a selfie was taken to the next level.

Selfie Forever

It’s a selfie of the girl in the mirror, but the tattoo is on this guy’s arm. So let’s assume that it’s her boyfriend or husband…


Runt of the Web

Couldn’t he find a better picture of her? There’s probably 17,893 to choose from on her Instagram and Facebook page.

Legendary Tattoo Fail

This kid clearly likes the photo he took of himself by the look of his expression. Do you think he caught the spelling mistake?


Runt of the Web

Could be that only after this photo was released that he realized.

Now This is Actual Good Work

This isn’t so much of fail like the other tattoos. Only the actual act of getting a pen on your head is the fail part.


Rumba Caracas

The actual tattoo itself is actually brilliantly done! Because if it weren’t for the caption, we would have thought that was a real pen.

We All Need Some Strenth

It takes strength and courage to walk around with a tattoo like that. Typo and all. At least she can cover it up though.


Just Something

Let this list be a lesson to you all – think twice before getting inked!