Take a Trip Back in Time with These Amazing Photos from the Past

Humanity sure has come a long way over the last century. Looking back to how things throughout the early 1900s leading all the way up to today, it’s amazing to see just how much things have changed and how different daily life in the 21st century is compared to the olden days.

We live in a technological age, with modern inventions, advancement, and gadgets making everything easier and dominating almost every aspect of our lives, but just last century, people didn’t have the likes of smartphones, video games, online dating, fitness trackers, and streaming services to take up their time.

It was a different time, a simpler time in many ways, and these incredible photos allow us all to take a trip back to that time, seeing how different life was, while also showing that some things haven’t really changed all that much after all.

So let’s take a jump into the time machine and take a look at 50 photos from the 20th century that give us a glimpse into a different era and make us all grateful for the convenience and comforts of modern life.

Tour De France Cyclists Take a Cigarette Break

The Tour de France is one of the most significant cycling events on the annual sporting calendar, with athletes putting themselves through tough training plans to prepare for this super-long race across the beautiful landscapes of France.

Source: cloudfront.net

In this image from the 1927 edition of the Tour, we can see a couple of cyclists helping their teammate light up a cigarette. The delicate nature of cigarettes makes this photo seem ridiculous, but back then, it was actually believed that smoking could be good for athletes. They used to drink lots of beer and all kinds of junk food too.

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