Teams of Explorers Uncovered the Deepest Secret of an Ancient Lake

Treasure hunting is a difficult gig. Treasure hunters and explorers usually have to go the extra mile to reach inaccessible places to find some hidden item, artifact or an object. Many times, luck is not on their side, as they have to return empty-handed.

This time, however, is a tale of treasure hunters who took a dive into Lake Ontario to find something that traces all the way back to the Cold War. It was something that the Canadian government itself wanted to erase from existence but apparently failed to do.

This is the extraordinary story of their journey, from finding the perfect spot in the lake to taking the dive and finally achieving their goal.

A High Stakes Project

‌The brains behind this adventure belong to the Canadian group known as OEX Recovery Group Incorporated. Their team of scientists set forth to discover valuables in Lake Ontario. A specific project was initiated for this search called Project Raise the Arrow.



A lot was at stake for the scientists heading the new project, as any failure could have resulted in them losing their entire funding for future expeditions. Their first line of action was to filter out areas where there was a high probability of finding the highly sought-after object.

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