That Moment When You Meet Your New Dog: Heartwarming Adoption Stories

Adopting a dog can be one of the most exciting things ever. And these little puppies were equally as excited as their new owners. We’re lucky that someone was there to capture it on camera!

Cheering Him Up

“A Few Weeks Ago My Uncle’s Dog Died After 14 Years With Him And He’s Been So Depressed About It. My Aunt Surprised Him By Taking Him To Pick Up Their New Puppy When He Thought They Were Just Going Shopping.



“This Is the First Picture Taken Of Them Together When They Got Back In The Car”

Meet Dax

“Adopting Dax is one of the best decisions I have ever made. He has been there through all of the ups and downs of my life.”



“He is the best adventure partner and cuddle buddy. I keep him safe and he keeps me wild.”

The next pup will bring a smile to your face.

This is Stitch

“This is Stitch! We adopted him from Paws in the City in Dallas, and he has quickly become the best part of our little family.”



Isn’t it amazing how quickly and easily our dogs become members of the family? Like a 2nd or 3rd sibling.

Our New Best Friend, Fluke

“Meet Fluke, a former rescue that was adopted by our family in November 2017!”



A lot of these adopted dogs as well as their new owners just can’t help but feel giddy suddenly having new best friends.

See the next dog’s first ride home from the shelter!

Oliver’s First Ride Home

“The first time we took Oliver on a car ride, he was shaking and crying (we assume because the only time he had ever been in a car before was to take him to the shelter).”



“’Now he loves car rides because he knows he’s going to get to see a new friend or go play somewhere!”

A Kodak Moment

“This is Kodak! He’s a four-month-old black lab/shepherd mix. He came to ALIVE Rescue Memphis from Animal Rescue Corps.”


“They had saved him from a hoarding case in Tennessee. I saw his picture and instantly fell in love! He looks just like my 14-year-old lab/mix named Ocho did when she was a puppy.”

Next is a puppy who, once she got rescued, became so happy and healthy.

So Beautiful – Bella

“This is Bella. The photo on the left was taken as soon as we got to the shelter. She was a mess: coat matted and long, she couldn’t even see, but we fell in love!


“We took her home, cleaned her up, and now she’s a healthy, happy puppy. I love her little smile and how her tongue always sticks out of her mouth!”

Golden Doodle

This little golden doodle couldn’t look happier. Oh, and the owner is about just as ecstatic as the little puppy.



We don’t really know if it was a rescue from a shelter or not, but if so, this puppy is in for a happy life.

Next, a puppy was found on the side of the road.

On the Side of the Road

This woman found this puppy the side of the road and was planning on bringing her to the local shelter, but then seeing her face, she changed her mind.


So she took her home and now she lives with them. Could you blame her? Look at that little face.


This dog must have been really happy to come home with his new owner. As soon as he took out his phone to take a selfie, the dog knew to smile along with him.



If you adopt a dog that poses for a selfie, you probably made a good choice!

The next dog was visibly moved by his adoption.

Hands Up

This woman and her son were so excited to get their new dog from the shelter. And it looks like the dog was pretty excited too.


There’s nothing more rewarding than bringing a dog to a better and safer place. He must be grateful.

What a Moment

This dog looks so unbelievably happy to not only be with his new best friend but also to just be relaxing with him in the car.


Let’s hope it was a nice long drive home so the little guy had time to rest up.

Coming Home

This tiny little puppy is happy to be going home, just judging by his face alone. And you can tell that his new owner is going to love him forever.


True friendship has just blossomed, can’t you tell?

Sunshine is All You Need

Sometimes all you need is a little sunshine and a hug. That’s all this guy needed. Look at that smile! He’s never been happier.


See the next photo for another sweet moment.

What a Smile!

Don’t they say smiles are contagious? Well, this photo certainly seems to be the case. Both she and her dog are smiling from ear to ear.



Tata, the new puppy, finally got adopted and taken back to her new home.

Fountain of Youth

Like a fountain of youth, puppies have a way of bringing energy and smiles to everyone nearby. This senior citizen knew exactly what she needed to do.


She knew that rescuing a dog would be the medicine she needed and the antidote to aging.

Next, the cutest back seat driver you’ll ever see.

Back Seat Driver

Usually, back seat drivers can be annoying, telling you where to drive, how to break, and so on.



But this is by far the cutest back seat driver that ever existed. And he just had to stand up to get a glimpse of the view, too.

Merry Christmas!

This little girl got the best Christmas gift she could ever get and many would be jealous of. A new puppy!


Her father got the dog for her and she didn’t even care to see the other presents under the tree. She had everything she needed.

The next photo is of a police officer who found a way to de-stress.

Cops and Dogs

Cops have a stressful job. And finding ways to unwind isn’t always so easy. But this police officer found the perfect method.



All he needs to do now is hug his new best friend and all the day’s worries will go away.

Like a Baby

When she adopted her new dog, she couldn’t help but cradle him like a newborn baby.


And seeing the dog’s expression, it doesn’t seem like she minds at all. It looks like the happy feeling is mutual.

Next, a dog rescue or bear rescue?

Like a Bear

This Reddit user said: “I went to adopt a dog and ended up with a bear.”



Sure, it’s a big dog, but this guy now has a bodyguard with him for wherever he goes. Not too shabby.

Nothing Wrong with an Older Dog

It’s sad but true, that the older dogs in the pounds tend not to be adopted as easily. They may have health or behavior issues.


But this man didn’t care. He wanted an older dog because he believes they deserve a chance at a good life too. What a great guy.

If you can put a face to the question “Can we keep him?” the next photo is the perfect match.

Can We Keep Him?

Her face says it all. It says “Can we keep him?” without a doubt. Well, it also says “OMG, he’s so cute!”



Luckily, she got to keep him. Her parents just couldn’t bear to tell her otherwise.

An Emotional Encounter

Sometimes an encounter with an animal can really bring up emotions. This guy couldn’t help but break down when his girlfriend surprised him with a new rescue dog.



His reaction shows you just how much it means to him which can give you an idea of how much love this dog is going to get.

Next up, a set of twins, one human one canine.


Is it just us or are dogs getting better at taking selfies? These two are “twinning.”


This Rottweiler sure is lucky that his new owner took him home and decided to throw a backyard party to have him meet all his friends.

The Best Medication

This woman was suffering from depression but knew she had to get out of the gutter and back to a normal life.



And if there’s anything better than medicine to do the trick, it’s bringing home a puppy that craves love.

Next, a real life cartoon scene.

Nothing Cuter

This photo can be taken right out of a cartoon. It’s so animated and the boy might even smother him with his enthusiasm!



Both the dog and the boy are lucky – they’re going to be the best of friends.

Enthusiastic Meeting

This girl was given a new puppy as a surprise and this moment they met each other is priceless.


The dog is just as enthusiastic as she is.

Next is a puppy that was about to be euthanized if she wasn’t adopted.

Talk About Lucky!

This is one lucky 3 Month Old Newfoundland puppy. His owner mentioned on his social media post that if he didn’t adopt him he was going to be euthanized for having a heart defect.



So it’s safe to say that this is one lucky dog. And what a selfless move by the owner!

Best Friends

Not only do kids get to enjoy the wonderful moment of bringing home a new dog. This woman also got to revel in the joy.



After just adopting the little dog, she took him home to start a long friendship.

Next, an unexpected text message.


She sent her husband this photo along with a message. And his message was this:



“My Wife Just Texted Me This From The Shelter. Looks Like We’re Adopting A Puppy”

Sir Benedict Blanco

Her post said, “Got This Pup from a Rescue 2 Years Ago, I Blurred Myself So All the Attention Is on Him. Everyone Welcome Sir Benedict Blanco!”



We love the name! We’re just curious how she came up with such a name for a dog.

The next photo shows a vet’s new friend.

Looks Like He’s Got a New Friend

The photo shows a veteran whose friend brought him a puppy to play with at work. Little did he know, she would tell him that she’s looking for a new home.



Looks like this vet isn’t going home alone at the end of the day.


“My dog Suki on adoption day and nine years later. I love that Suki has been a major support for me, especially for my mood disorders.”



“Suki has been with me since freshman year of high school, all through college, and now my adult life. No matter what, she always provides the best cuddles I could have ever asked for.”

Meet Marty

“This is Marty. We went to the shelter looking for a dog as a companion for our handicapped Labrador, Zoe. We met a few puppies who were too high energy and stressful for her condition so we left, feeling defeated.”



“As we were walking out, Zoe dragged us over to Marty’s pen. Both their noses touched, tails wagging, and we knew they had to meet. They were instant at ease around each other and Marty was even careful around her, almost aware that she needed special attention. He was a perfect fit for our family.”

Meet Terabyte



This is Terabyte (Tera for short) and our youngest son. Tera is a cattle dog, found dumped in a field. She’s super smart, sweet, snuggly, and also happens to be deaf. I took this photo right after we had signed the adoption papers and picked her up from her foster family.”

Meet Cora

“This is Cora. We adopted her through the BISSELL Pet Foundation event in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She came there through Friends of Detroit Animal Care and Control. We don’t know much about her exact background except she’s had a litter or two.”



“She has a playful, sweet energy. My fiancé, her dog and three cats, myself, and Cora are all settling in quite well.”

Dandelion the Dog

“This is Dandelion the dog! We adopted her at the Oregon Humane Society through their second chance program. Dandelion was transferred to the Humane Society from an overcrowded shelter in California.”



Good thing they picked her up!


“Roxy is full of energy and love and brings us so many laughs. We’ve also met most of our friends through her! She keeps us social.”


We hope you enjoyed all the good vibes from this article! Maybe you’ll want to go out and adopt a dog of your own.