These Celebrities Choose to Give Back, and We Love Them Even More For it

As we all know, celebrities have a sense of power that us regular folk don’t always emulate. And as the saying goes, with power comes responsibility. These celebrities have all used their power for the greater good.

We already love them, but now that we know what they do to help others, we love them even more. Let’s start with Hollywood A-List actor, Leonardo Di Caprio and we’ll go from there.

Leonardo DiCaprio, One of Hollywood’s Most Dedicated Activists

DiCaprio cares about the planet, that’s for sure. He started the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation in an attempt to protect the earth from climate change, including vulnerable wildlife, ecosystems, and communities.


Photo by Gregg DeGuire-WireImage

In 2017, he also showed his support for Hurricane Harvey victims by making a $1 million donation to the United Way Harvey Recovery Fund. DiCaprio’s donation was the first the national fund received.

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