The Baker Street Robbery: A Royal Cover-up or Regular Heist?

The Baker Street Robbery has become one of the most notorious bank heists in British history. Without even one alarm sounding, nor any use of weapons, a team of burglars managed to pull off the incredible robbery and ultimately took off with nearly £3 million (which would be an estimated $33.8 million today). Included in their loot were cash, jewels, and, most interestingly, possible secrets from the Royal family. Oooohhhhh.


Customers surrounding Lloyds Bank while robbers are inside. Photo by Evening News / Associated Newspapers / Shutterstock

The crazy thing is, the robbers were unintentionally broadcasting their crime live over the airwaves! It’s really a mystery why the authorities never caught the Baker Street gang red-handed. The 1971 raid is one of the more baffling banking heists, and the rumors that its real purpose was covered up by the British Royal family still persist to this day. So what were they supposedly trying to cover up? You’re about to find out. While it reads like a movie, this all really happened…

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