The Best Films That Spent the Least and Made the Most…Ranked!

The movie industry is a fascinating place. Making a movie can either take weeks or years! Research for a film can sometimes stretch for long periods long before filming, or even script writing even begins. The biggest headache of all? Getting the most out of your budget! Movie budgets can start with less than 50 thousand dollars, and stretch to a billion dollars too! But where does all this money go and what are these movie execs getting in return? Running a movie budget is no easy job. You have a vast crew that you are responsible for. Make-up artists, catering, assistants, sound operators, set designers, screenwriters, coffee pushers, actors, producers, and directors are all under the same payroll! Let’s no mention accountants, lawyers, and the list just goes on and on! So, if you want to make production profitable, you need to be smart, the goal is making a huge revenue with a small budget.

We compiled a list of the all-time biggest success stories of the low budget film industry. How much did these movies cost to make, what was their profit, and what was the percentage margin on that profit? The results will astound you!

Ghost World (2001): 25% Profit

How much they spent: $7 million

How much they made: $8,761,609

Ghost World was a small budget film and one of the young Scarlett Johannsen’s first films. It’s a story about two girls who have nothing much exciting to do after graduating high school.


Photo By: United Artists, Granada Film Productions, Jersey Shore

So, they end up responding to a man’s newspaper ad for a date, not knowing what they got themselves into! It’s a good start for Scarlett considering the movie cost 7 million dollars to make but made $8,761,609 in revenue.

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