The Best “Pet Shaming” Photos That Are Too Adorable to Be Angry About

The One that Started it All

When Beau the Dachshund was caught eating the underwear of the boyfriend of his owner Pascale Lemire, the couple snapped the photo that started the whole pet confessional phenomenon. It happened in 2012 and boomed into a viral sensation and, later, a bestselling book. Thousands more “pet-shaming” photos have since been posted as a direct result – and luckily, Beau hasn’t put a stop to his adorable antics or irresistible puppy dog eyes. God bless him for providing us with endless hours of entertainment!


Spud Loving

It’s not unusual for dogs to enjoy spending time digging, hiding toys and later retrieving them. It’s one of their favorite pastimes and can keep them occupied for hours on end. It is, however, fairly unusual for a dog to enjoy doing this with potatoes, as this lovable Weimaraner does after he’s broken into his owner’s pantry. Clearly, he’s more into spuds than squeaky toys – but how could anyone stay angry when looking into those endearingly big, droopy eyes and stroking those floppy ears? His owners probably can’t, but it’s worthy of an internet shaming!


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Eye on the Ball

Don’t be fooled by the cute face – this improper pooch certainly has some X-rated hobbies! Clearly, no one told him that it’s best to stick to inanimate objects when playing games of fetch or tug of war, and he’s been shamed on the internet by his owners as a result. Judging by the look on his face, though, he doesn’t seem to think he’s done anything wrong. At least he’s a relatively small specimen but, either way, when he’s around, his dad better keep his eye on the ball …


Meow Musical

This black-and-white cat might look calm and quiet now, but when the clock strikes 4 – in the morning – he transforms into a feline opera singer, much to his owner’s frustration by the look of the message in this photo. It’s certainly not the kind of show you’d buy tickets to every night! He wakes even the heaviest of sleepers with a middle-of-the-night meow musical but, judging by his relaxed manner in this photo; he’s not losing sleep over it.


What do you get when you cross a hungry dog with a hamburger? A “hamburgler” ….

The “Hamburgler”

Dogs can be greedy – we all know that. Sometimes, it’s like they have a bottomless stomach – especially big breeds, like the dog in this photo. But to actually jump into a stranger’s car and steal a hamburger from someone’s hands is another level – and this “hangry hamburgler” doesn’t look like he cares about his crime one little bit! That’s why, presumably, his owners have decided it’s worthy of internet shaming. A dog of his size and stature appearing out of nowhere must have been quite alarming – luckily, he didn’t accidentally bite the unassuming passenger’s hand when gobbling the burger!


Hitty Kitty

Even if you’re a cute, fluffy cat like the one in this picture, hitting a guide dog is definitely worthy of internet shaming. And it’s even worse when it’s a puppy! The poor little pooch was more than likely just trying to learn the ropes of helping people in need when this whiskered Rocky-wannabe came along and took a swipe. This kind of tom(cat) foolery warrants punishment of some sort, which is why its owners made sure the whole internet knows about this cat’s unsavory conduct! The pup will probably think twice before going near a cat again …


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Milk Teeth

This is clearly a pampered pooch – he has a cozy crate and bed and looks happy and content. He’s obviously not completely satisfied with all that, though, as he’s made a habit of stealing the baby’s milk and proceeding to destroy the evidence. His sheepish expression suggests he knows he’s been naughty – but at least he loves the baby, right? Maybe he’s slightly jealous of the new addition to the family and seeking attention, or maybe it’s an extreme case of puppy love. Either way, the owners of this little scavenger have their work cut out for them!


Urine Surprise

Although the situation in this photo is actually pretty disgusting, it’s also hilarious. Cats urinate to mark their territory and are occasionally known to do so in the most unlikely of places, but doing so on a hamster requires skills that the majority of cats don’t possess. Maybe it was the rage that spurred this cat on – either way, judging from the wide-eyed expression on its face and the fact it’s cowering under the table, it knows it’s in trouble! Who knows what state the hamster is in, though – hopefully, its owner is keeping it further away from the cat now!


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Dazed and Cat-Fused

Catnip might have a cute name, but it actually has a powerful effect on cats and is known to alter their behavior. The chemical compound found in catnip, which exudes an enticing aroma, is known to have a stimulant effect that produces a sensation akin to a “high” when sniffed by a cat. The cat in this photo is certainly feeling the effects after ripping the bag open, judging by the glazed expression on its face, and is probably too out of it to realize it’s being shamed! Hopefully, this isn’t the start of a downward spiral …


May the Force Be with You

Some kind of force was certainly with this cute, curly-haired dog when he urinated on the Yoda stuffed toy – maybe he was trying to douse out any danger from the lightsaber effectively! Either way, he doesn’t look too bothered about his crime and certainly isn’t worried about any kind of retaliation from his victim, but it’s probably the last time he’ll see Yoda – if his owners have any sense, they’ll keep him far, far away from now on!


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“Unfortunate” Mistake

Poor Grandma – I bet she didn’t foresee ending up like this. No more resting in peace for her! Although it’s actually quite impressive that this cat managed to get the lid off the urn, which was presumably kept somewhere relatively safe and out of the way, there’s no doubt that his owners are distinctly unimpressed with his antics, which have earned him a public internet shaming. He, on the other hand, looks pretty undeterred, as well as slightly impressed with himself! The silver lining of this story? At least the cat didn’t think the urn was a litter box.


Pious Pooch

It appears as though some kind of divine intervention took hold of this pious pooch, who miraculously managed to devour two whole Bibles in just one week. Perhaps he thought a sacred snack would increase his blessings, but his owners clearly felt as though he was led down the path of the sacrilegious and deserved internet shaming. Either way, this dog certainly doesn’t seem to be trembling in fear of the wrath of the heavens – in fact, he almost looks angelic!


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Puppy Eyes

This cute puppy is sporting the epitome of “puppy eyes” – he certainly seems to know he’s done something wrong and is trying his best to get his owner to forgive him! He might be a little guy, but he’s obviously got a big appetite, having eaten chunks out of a brand new baseball helmet and attempted to eat the note that his owners were trying to use to internet shame him! But look at that face – it’s hard to stay angry with something that cute.


Hot Air Dog

It’s hilariously ironic that this Golden Retriever’s name is the same as a famous perfume brand because, according to this internet shaming, it smells anything but nice! Perhaps one hot dog would have been alright, but stealing a total of nine from the kitchen counter caused this “ruff-ian” to produce gas with a stench so powerful it clears the room! It sounds like its owners will have to stock up on air freshener …


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The Burrower

Dogs are known to love burrowing into warm, soft, fluffy things, especially when they’re cold or tired – just like humans sometimes do. And that’s exactly what this little dog is apparently doing. Unfortunately, that’s not a basket of fresh, perfumed, straight-out-the-drier laundry – it’s a basket full of dirty clothes. The pup seems to be content, though – if a bit suspicious of the photo being taken of him – and doesn’t care for his own bed and house. Let’s just hope this isn’t an endless cycle for his owners, who clearly aren’t impressed!


Sofa Slayer

Beagles were bred as hunting dogs, but we’re not sure that meant staking out the furniture in their owners’ homes. This pup took an obvious disliking to the sofa in this photo and decided to tear it open, consequently unleashing an overflowing cascade of fluffy white stuffing. Given the lack of eye contact and his tail curling upward between his legs, it seems that this furniture destroyer knows he’s been a bad boy – hopefully, his owners won’t keep him in the doghouse for long!


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Feline Frisky

This frisky feline apparently had some one-off fun and ended up pregnant – now, her owner has a total of five cats and has internet shamed her as a result. While this might be a lesson for getting your pets spayed and neutered, we can’t deny that this “accident” resulted in the most adorable little litter, so I’m sure her owner didn’t stay angry for too long. Animals beware: these are the consequences of not using “purrtection”!


Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

This adorable little Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is in a bit of a hairy situation. While dogs usually eat a whole range of things, a lot of which are less-than-appetizing for humans, munching on anything thrown up by the cat, let alone a hairball, is really quite disgusting. It’s also probably relatively unhealthy, so her owners probably got a bit of a scare. Who could stay angry at that sweet face for long, though?


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Paws on the Prize

It’s clear who the “perpetrator” in this photo is – they’re definitely not candle imprints in the cake! Somehow, this kitty got her paws on the prize and isn’t at all ashamed of it. In fact, it almost looks like she’s convinced herself it was a lovely way to wish her owner a happy birthday – that stoic look doesn’t seem to indicate any remorse! Next time, the baker needs to make sure they find a different place to cool their treats, as this cake stomper doesn’t look like letting go of her whisker-licking habit anytime soon.


Squirreling Around

These two pooches look tired after what they probably consider to be a heroic attempt to save their owner’s Hyundai from a pesky squirrel. They also look a little sheepish because, unfortunately, they failed to catch the said squirrel. Much to their owner’s dismay, as evidenced by the internet shaming they received, they managed to destroy the bumper totally – hopefully they’ve learned their lesson, otherwise walks in the park are going to become very costly!


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Doggie Double Trouble

This is definitely an extreme case of doggie double trouble! But luckily for the dogs involved, they’re extremely cute, and no doubt manage to get away with the majority of their antics. It’s good to know they’re fairly evenly matched, though, and that there’s no one-sided bullying going on here – although pinning your brother down by standing on his ears is a pretty dirty move, having them urinate on your head in retaliation is even worse! We just feel sorry for the owners – it’s all fun and games until someone has to clean up.


Sticky Situation

These two troublesome pooches need a lesson on what sanitary items are supposed to be used for – they certainly didn’t get the memo. Instead, they’ve found themselves in somewhat of a sticky situation, which their owner has deemed worthy of internet shaming! We do, however, hope those innocuous expressions exempt them from any disciplinary action – those big, floppy ears and adorable eyes are just too cute to stay angry at!


If you thought that pet shaming post was hilarious, the next one would have you rolling on the floor (like a good dog) laughing!

Fecal Faux-Paw

Dogs like to mark their territory, but this is taking it to the extreme – not only did this naughty Dachshund decide to do his business inside the house, he did it in a way that ensured no one could escape the stench. His face even looks slightly guilty, so maybe he hates the pong too – although he’s trying his best to get out of trouble with that cute face! At least his owners had the good humor to take a picture and announce his fecal “faux-paw” to the online world.


Pond’s in Hot Water

It’s normally a dog that’s used in the age-old excuse for not doing homework and, to be honest, it’s probably even more unbelievable if you use a cat. But Pond here gets an “F” for eating his owner’s thesis paper 20 minutes before it was due – although he doesn’t seem to care at all, judging but his nonchalant facial expression! There’s no doubt who the “cat-prit” was. Hopefully, his owner had a backup copy of their thesis, or Pond is going to be in even more trouble.


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All that Glitters Isn’t Gold

This photo certainly proves that all that glitters definitely isn’t gold! While the debate about glitter’s impact on the environment continues to rage around the world, this cute pup just thought “bark it” and gobbled up a bottle – perhaps he was trying to do his bit to save the planet. No doubt his owners were worried it would make him ill, but the outcome seems to have been fine, if not slightly sparkly. In fact, this puppy seems to look incredibly happy with his glittery feat!


Fishing for Trouble

At first glance, this fluffy black fur ball looks pretty grumpy, but then again, he has just been sick, after all. Domestic cats are known to have a fondness for fish, but usually, that means eating or pawing at them. Perhaps he was disgusted by his fellow pet, or maybe he was feeling a little seasick – either way, he chose the goldfish bowl to throw up in, prompting an internet shaming by his owners! Needless to say, now he’s looking kind of green around the gills – we’re not sure how the fish is doing, though. If you thought that was funny, read on to discover a new meaning of “toilet training” …


“Golden Shower”

This Husky definitely puts the “shower” in “golden shower”! But, by the look on his face, he doesn’t think he did anything wrong. To be perfectly honest, though, this is probably one of the most responsible pet shenanigans we’ve heard about so far – at least a shower is relatively easy to clean compared with a carpet or furniture! Although the fact he saves this behavior for a while his owners are sleeping suggests, he knows it’s not what he’s meant to do. This puts a whole new spin on toilet training …


Lack of Privacy

This cat looks pretty proud of his antics and is giving a fantastic demonstration of the action he is being internet shamed for. It’s not a completely unusual pastime for cats, though – many like to stare at people while they’re on the toilet. Are they trying to guard us? Are they wondering what we’re doing? Or are they just annoyed that we’re sitting in a different room to them and not allowing them on our lap? Either way, this cat’s owners will probably just have to accept this odd behavior.


One dog’s nautical nonsense got him in hot water – don’t miss it on the next slide!

Nautical Nonsense


Clearly, this dog is not a fan of nautical nonsense, having eaten a toy SpongeBob SquarePants pineapple and being subsequently shamed on the internet by his owners. We can’t help but laugh at the expression of complete apathy on his face, though – and we agree that sometimes the yellow cartoon character is extremely annoying! Hopefully, he’s made his point and doesn’t decide to repeat the offense if the toy gets replaced.



The situation depicted in this photo is hilarious, disgusting, and horrifying at the same time. And that innocent face indicates that this cat has no idea that eating condoms is really not a good idea! Seriously, though, we hope this cat didn’t have any health problems as a result of this not-so-safe behavior – she must have given her owners quite a scare. Let’s hope they keep their protection in a safer place from now on!

The photo on the next slide, which looks like a famous movie scene, will have you in stitches!


This dog’s encounter with a bag of powdered sugar had the internet reeling with laughter and hilariously making references to a certain scene from hit film Scarface. Unfazed by the copious amounts of evidence and the shaming note detailing the crime, this noble pooch’s head remains high, albeit covered in an incriminating white powder. Or perhaps he’s in complete denial that it even happened and refusing to acknowledge it – either way, it’s going to be a nightmare for his owners to clean up!


Cat and Mouse

It seems this kitty has never watched an episode of Tom and Jerry – otherwise, that mouse would have ended up being her dinner! Apparently, a game of cat and mouse actually means a staring competition – clearly, no one told this cat that it’s meant to keep mice away from the house! At least the mouse ended up fed and satisfied – unfortunately, the cat’s owners were not impressed and deemed it worthy of internet shaming.


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I, Ruff-Bot

The rise of artificial intelligence has influenced some popular films and TV shows, such as Black Mirror. Perhaps this buck-toothed Bulldog had been watching too many cautionary tales about technology when he saw his owner’s new vacuum cleaner – either way, he looks like he’s pretty proud of what he considers to be a successful neutralization of a killer robot wondering around his home! Unfortunately for his owners, however, he actually destroyed a new $700 Roomba, which is deserving of internet shaming in our opinion.


Downward Dog

This repentant-looking Pug decided it would be a good idea to do a certain type of downward dog pose on her owner’s yoga mat – not exactly what you want to deal with when trying to get into a meditative mindset! Hopefully, the internet shaming has made the pup learn its lesson – and that the owner got a new yoga mat! This Pug might be incredibly cute, but it’s going to have to “nama-stay” away from yoga mats from now on!


You’ve heard of the phrase “caught red-handed” – well, the dog on the next slide has been “caught red-pawed”!

Caught Red-Pawed

Kids are notorious for sneaking into their mother’s makeup stashes and into their wallets. Dogs, on the other hand, aren’t so much. Well, no one told that to this petite pooch, who, like a rebellious teenager, looks like she made plans to head out for a night on the town. Well, her owner woke up and caught her red-handed – or should we say red-pawed. Although the owner is only out $3 in cash, that leather couch looks like it might cost a lot more to clean! The pup posed so nicely for her mugshot though, and that’s priceless.


Pizza Party

Why the long face? It looks like someone wasn’t happy with the choice of pizza! And it looks like someone’s owner wasn’t impressed with the theft of their food, hence the internet shaming. This beautiful spotted Great Dane got less than he bargained for when he successfully stole his owner’s pizza – so much so, he decided only to eat the toppings! Perhaps he’s conscious about carbs or possibly lactose intolerant? Seriously, though, what a picky eater!


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Dog Park Doghouse

We don’t know what’s funnier, the fact that this poodle looks downright despondent or that he urinated on a little girl’s leg at the dog park. Seriously, how did that even happen? Did the dog think the little girl was a tree? Although that little girl is probably traumatized, we can’t help but laugh at the perfectly-timed snap of this dog sporting a glum expression and the explanation of his outrageous indiscretion strung around his neck. Stick to the grass next time!


Tiny Troublemaker

Doesn’t this penitent little pup melt your heart?! Ellie’s adorably downtrodden pose in this photo indicates that she knows she shouldn’t have done what she did, but it also ensures that no one can stay angry at her for too long. To be honest, it’s pretty remarkable that something so tiny managed to reach that high, so she should be proud of herself for that at least! And we’re sure she was just trying to help her owners out …


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It’s a Dog Eat Dog (Food) World

Just look at that mischievous mutt seemingly grinning at his own clever trickery! It’s always funny when animals seem to portray human emotions on their faces, but this pearly white-brandishing pup takes the cake (and his brother’s dinner at that). He seems to have no shame at all for pulling a fast one on his brother – and we doubt this will be the last time he does it. This must be a case of sibling rivalry, but we have to admit, it’s hilarious!



This must be where the term “copycat” comes from. This unassuming little fluffball looks innocent enough, but she’s harboring some bad habits. As if urinating on your owner’s clothing isn’t bad enough, convincing others to follow suit is even worse! This cat looks pretty proud of herself for being the lead of the pack and doesn’t appear to be even slightly remorseful – maybe she’s plotting where she’s going to mark her territory next!


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Welcome to the Family

This cool cat named Spider might be lounging around without a care in the world in this photo, but he had a less-than-subtle way of letting his owner know that he wanted to be the only man in her life. Let’s just hope “mommy’s boyfriend” didn’t take too much offense at this unappetizing welcome gift – and that Spider doesn’t decide to repeat the offense. Judging by the look on his face, though, he doesn’t look particularly sorry!


A Hairy Situation

That’s definitely not what is meant by gastric band surgery. This poor little kitty ate 54 (yes, that’s right – 54!) hair ties and then needed two surgeries to remove them. We just feel sorry for this cute cat after such a traumatic experience, although it is a wonder that he didn’t realize it was a bad idea at some point during his meal. Hopefully, from now on, Cooper’s owners keep their hair ties somewhere out of his reach!