The First Coca-Cola Ad Campaign Was Not What You Would Expect

When you think about advertisements for Coca-Cola, you probably think of elaborate Christmas animations, catchy songs, and celebrity endorsers.

Indeed, the popular carbonated beverage has established itself not only as the go-to soda in the past decades but also a maker of short yet captivating stories in the form of TV ads.

The Beginning

Did you know that the first ever advertisement for Coke was nothing more than a few lines of text in a small portion of the Atlanta Journal?

On May 29, 1886, the first print ad for Coca-Cola appeared. It’s the most straightforward ad that you’ll ever see of something that is now widely recognized as a leading soft drink brand, but this is where it all started.

This simple ad only proves that Coke’s maker, John Pemberton, could not have predicted the success of his creation.

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