The Freemasons: A Secret Society or New World Order?

The Freemasons

Morgan was locked up on some old charges before a group of Masons bailed him out and carried him away… never to be seen again. The conspiracy surrounding his mysterious disappearance sparked local anti-Mason sentiment, which turned into a nationwide anti-Mason movement, hitting one of the most influential secret societies like a ton of bricks and changed American politics forever.


William Morgan Taken From Batavia By A Mob Of Masons And Confined In Canandaigua Jail Under False Pretences. Photo By Granger/Shutterstock

When we think of the Freemasons, many people associate the group with the Illuminati or powerful political figures who control the world. People are fascinated by this secret society because of all the mystery surrounding it. This is the story of what happened to a man who threatened to reveal their secrets.

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