The Funniest Road Signs from Around the World

On November 20, 1923, Kentucky-born Garrett Morgan patented the traffic signal system, which he designed after witnessing a fatal accident between an automobile and a horse and carriage. It started as a T-shaped pole with three positions signaling three actions: go, stop, and all-stop. He later sold the patent to General Electric for $40,000. To celebrate its 95th anniversary, we’ve found some of the funniest road signs from around the world and compiled them into a list – get ready to laugh!

What’s the Point?

This road sign is hilarious purely because there is absolutely no point to it – it’s a complete waste of materials, time, and money on behalf of the people or company that posted it, and drivers completely waste their time – and concentration – reading it. But you just have to laugh at the ridiculousness of the fact a sign is being used to say the same sign is not in use!



This Is a Stop Sign

Some road signs are not only extremely self-explanatory; they are also recognized throughout the world. A perfect example of this is the “Stop” sign, which is always big and bright red, featuring (of course) the word “Stop.” The person who posted this particular sign, however, felt it necessary to explain its meaning further by placing an additional sign underneath. Thanks for the extra clarification – we never would have known, otherwise!



Jurassic Road

This will make you laugh if you drive past it because everyone knows that dinosaurs became extinct millions of years ago. It surely can’t be right, can it? Or maybe that laugh will be a nervous one – what if they know something we don’t? Either way, a Brontosaurus wandering near the road would be very hard to miss!


Source: Bored Panda

Sign Hacker

Whoever hacked this sign clearly has a great sense of humor – they’ve entirely ignored whatever message they were meant to type and have gone for this amusing – although glaringly obvious – statement instead. Hopefully, they didn’t sacrifice any critical information that the drivers needed to see – although at least it would have given them a few giggles!



You’ve Been Schooled

Oh dear – whoever wrote this huge road sign clearly needs to go back to the establishment they are advertising! It’s sure to have made many parents laugh as they’re dropping their children off for the day – and has probably prompted a few in-car spelling lessons, too. No doubt, whoever is responsible felt extremely embarrassed afterward – hopefully, it’s been covered up and repainted by now!



Watch Out

While it’s amusing to see a sign of this size hanging before a bridge, it’s actually probably one of the most useful on this list. It’s common for trucks and other large vehicles to misjudge the height of bridges, causing them to become stuck and damaging the car or even the structure of the bridge itself. At least, with the aid of this road sign, they get a warning! The majority of people in normal-sized cars, however, would find this monstrosity funny.



The Land of Pegasus

We think that anyone who drives past this sign will laugh out of shock – a flying horse is probably one of the last things you’d expect to see while driving down a quiet, tree-lined road such as this one. No doubt, passing drivers keep their eyes peeled for a Pegasus-like creature, but surely, if any had been sighted, we would have all heard about it by now?!


Source: Bored Panda

Rainbow Rider

We’re not exactly sure what this road sign is trying to warn drivers about. Clearly, there’s a man on a motorbike attempting an extreme, dare-devil stunt – but is he really riding on a rainbow?! Who knows … either way, it doesn’t look particularly safe, but we bet drivers passing this sign are left amused, if not a little puzzled too!


Source: Bored Panda

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Talk about stating the complete obvious – what open roads stay dry when it rains?! You’d think anyone that has passed a driving test would be able to figure out that there will be water on the road when it rains. It’s unlikely that any driver genuinely needs to be warned about this, but someone apparently thought the sign was necessary anyway. It makes for a good laugh, though, so we’re not complaining!


Source: Imgur

Looking for a Place to Stay?

This is a perfect example of why people who post signs should be extremely aware of the immediate surroundings – on their own, neither of these signs is remotely funny. But the way the sign for lodging has been placed directly over the “State Prison” sign makes it hilarious, suggesting the two have been combined. We can’t imagine this does much for the lodging’s business, though!


Source: Pinterest

Stating the Obvious

It is a truth universally acknowledged that vehicles can be found on roads. Even so, whoever is in charge of the signposting in this town thought it necessary to post a permanent reminder, presumably so that drivers weren’t shocked and scared when they passed another vehicle. We expect it’s generated more than a few laughs from those that have seen it, though!


Source: Pinterest

Snow Coconuts

This road sign got us laughing, as we’re just really not sure whether it’s a genuine warning about something or a complete joke! Surely there can’t be a danger of falling coconuts in an area such as the one in this photo, with coniferous trees and snow-capped mountains?! But then why put it there? Perhaps there’s a danger of falling rocks, but someone thought this would be a funnier way of warning people and catching their attention – if so, they were right!


Source: Pinterest

Who Goes There?

It’s unclear exactly what message this contradictory road sign is even trying to convey – it could be ice on the road, unseen animals or people walking along a hidden path. Well, we have no idea – and we bet drivers who see it don’t know either! Whatever it’s intended to mean, it’s not very clear, but at least it gives us something to laugh about!


Source: Global Graduates

We All Scream For Ice Cream

We can remember being children and screaming for things from the back seat of the car while on a journey. It’s a nightmare that every parent dreads, and many are known to succumb to their children’s wishes just to keep them quiet. Well, this Dairy Queen road sign goes one step further and encourages this behavior – all in favor of stopping at one of their outlets, of course. Poor daddy – we bet he didn’t see this coming! At least mummy’s off the hook …


Source: Pinterest

The Winding Way to Windjammer Drive

Do you know the way to Windjammer Drive? We doubt anyone does, judging by these road signs, which suggest it can be found to the north, south, east, and west! This is confusing enough to encourage even the most experienced drivers to use their GPS – or even an old-fashioned road map – but we think it’s hilarious and well worth a place on this list.


Source: Pinterest

Destination Unknown

Who knows what to make of this sign – and who knows whether the people who posted it even knew what message they were trying to convey.

Is it an attempt to lure people in to discover a hidden gem? Is it just a joke to make travelers laugh during their journey? Maybe no one actually knows what’s on the left – it could be a mystery destination! Either way, it’s certainly funny enough to be worthy of this list.


Source: Pinterest

Stuck in the Middle

So, where do drivers go when they arrive at this junction? Presumably, it’s not straight ahead, as there’s a house in the way! We bet that one sign’s correct and the other one has been put up by mistake, but you would have thought that someone would have noticed and removed the irrelevant one almost straight away. This is guaranteed to cause genuine confusion for drivers in this neighborhood, but it’s pretty funny to see!


Source: Quora

Breaking the Rules

Is there a more pointless sign than this one?! If there’s a rule that states no signs are allowed at a particular intersection, you’d think the best – and simplest – thing to do would be to keep the area sign-free. Apparently not in this location, where someone felt it necessary to post this sign, which serves absolutely no purpose to passing drivers. Nevertheless, it’s probably amused them, which is better than nothing on a daily commute!


Source: Pinterest

Green Means Go

Traffic lights are designed on the basis that they turn red, amber, or green depending on the intended movement of traffic. If the one in this photo never turns green, then, quite simply, why is it there? As with so many other examples in this list, this sign is hilarious because it’s so ridiculous – and we can imagine the amusing confusion it must cause for drivers on the road!


Source: Pinterest

Hazard List

There’s a lot to watch out for in this location – and this blunt, to-the-point sign makes sure drivers know all about the potential hazards. It’s a lot to take in at once – and a lot to handle in a vehicle – and the extra “good luck” at the end perfectly emphasizes this with sarcasm. It’s bound to have passing drivers chuckling – and bracing themselves for what’s to come!


Source: Mathisfunforum

Aussie Humor

There’s no need to explain why this road sign is funny – it’s blunt, unapologetic, and wonderfully bold. Presumably, the message is to kill your speed rather than an emu (or ostrich?) – but, with pictures like this, who needs explanatory words? No doubt the Australians are responsible for this one – they’re always up for a laugh.


Source: Pinterest

Control Your Pee!

For cyclists, warnings about steep hills are helpful so they can judge the upcoming decline or incline and adjust their speed and gears accordingly. What they don’t expect to be warned about, however, is watching their pee. Is this because pee is likely to come out as a result of fear or speed? Is this a common occurrence on steep hills? Either way, they’ve been warned!


Source: Pinterest

Stop Means Stop

Just in case you don’t know what “stop” means or you don’t recognize the big, bright red sign, someone has provided informative visual examples of exactly what you cannot do. This includes turning left, turning right, going forward, or moving backward – movement of any sort, basically. The fact this is so over the top, and ultimately quite distracting to drivers, is what makes it hilarious. Drivers probably have to come to a complete stop just to read all the signs, though, so in this way, it serves its purpose!



Wheelchairs Beware

This sign might make you burst out laughing when viewing it on a screen, but what an awful place to go if you’re in a wheelchair! The unassuming disabled person in this sign is in quite a predicament; rolling down a steep hill at speed with an angry-looking crocodile waiting with its mouth open. What would have probably been more helpful is a sign warning wheelchair users not to use that particular road …


Source: Pinterest

Thief in the Night

This is the first “thief in the night” cartoon character we’ve ever seen on a road sign, but it’s hilarious. He looks extremely foreboding as he closes in on the dollar bills that no doubt everybody keeps in the trunk of their car. Although there’s no doubt what message this sign is trying to convey, it probably would have been easier just to write “Beware of thieves” – but then again, that wouldn’t have got it onto this list!


Source: Pinterest

Aircraft vs. Car

Now, any driver that passes a road sign like this is going to do a double take and at least be slightly worried – after all, aircraft and motor vehicles shouldn’t be sharing space at any point in time! But, clearly, they do here – and we agree that the aircraft should take the right of way … who would want to argue with that when in a car?!


Source: Pinterest

Sea Means Stop

Talk about stating the obvious – this road (if you can call it that – it’s more of a track) comes to a clear stop where the sea starts, but someone clearly felt the need to post sign warning drivers of that fact. Or maybe it’s because some slightly motor-challenged people have driven into the sea before? Either way, it’s pretty funny to see against the stark background of the water.


Source: Pinterest

Senior Treatment

This roadside car wash sign is designed to appeal to people driving past and encourage them to stop to get their car cleaned. It’s advertising a special offer for senior citizens, where their car receives a wash and vacuum for just $15.95. Amusingly, however, the sign is worded in such a way that suggests it is the senior citizens themselves that can be washed and vacuumed for a low price – which is guaranteed to make many a driver giggle as they cruise past!


Source: Twitter

The Road Less Traveled

Any motorcyclist that decides to drive down the road in this photo is crazy, in our opinion. Surely the broken wood, uneven floor and lack of side barriers would be enough to put you off, but when you notice that the road stops in the middle of the water, wouldn’t you decide to turn around? But, as if that wasn’t enough, someone’s decided there’s a need for a sign warning motorcyclists to “use extreme caution” – talk about unnecessary!


Source: Pinterest

Do So at Your Own Risk

When reading the first two lines of the road sign in this photo, you’ll probably be surprised – who’s ever seen a sign telling drivers to go ahead and drink and drive? But then you understand why – the three consequences laid out below in the form of direction options. Of course, it’s a serious topic, but the way the sign has been constructed is comical as well as clever – and it’s sure to catch drivers’ attention!


Source: Pinterest

Good Luck!

The Romans certainly didn’t build the roads wherever this sign is located! What a confusing, winding array of roads – and the extra arrow on the bottom right doesn’t help, either. The funniest part of this sign, though, is the cynical addition of “good luck” below – drivers will undoubtedly need it when navigating around here.



Brace Yourself

Most of us have been there before – driving down a highway with digital signs around us telling us about the traffic jam coming up, which we’ll inevitably have to hit to get to our destination. This sign, however, clearly doesn’t feel the need to give drivers any useful, real information; instead, providing them with a fair warning to prepare to be annoyed. There’s no doubt they will be – but at least the good humor beforehand would’ve made them laugh!



No Other Option

You can’t get blunter than this – some speeding signs warn of fines, jail, or fatalities, but the one in this photo gives no other possibility than death. Literally speaking, of course, the subject of speeding-related deaths is not funny, but this stark warning that boldly contrasts with the surrounding snow is sure to make drivers laugh at the bluntness of it.


Source: Pinterest

Heavy Traffic

This sign is excellent — the intended meaning is obviously “pedestrian traffic is heavy,” but the specific order of the words suggests it is the pedestrians themselves that are heavy. The accompanying picture leaves no room for speculation – the sign intends to play on words in this comical way. We can’t imagine the locals in this area are too keen on it, though!


Source: YouTube

Life’s a Party

This sign is hilarious – clearly, it’s situated in a party town where the locals (and probably the visitors too!) enjoy a drink or two (or three, or four …). We love how this is a regular occurrence, or they wouldn’t have bothered to make a road sign especially to warn drivers about “drunken people crossing”! The picture is priceless too – and many of us will chuckle remembering when we’ve been a bit worse for wear like that!



Post Warnings Only When Necessary

Well, this looks like an extremely hazardous road! Clearly, there’s a lot for drivers to be warned about – from animals and ice to sharp bends and bumps on the road. Arguably, though, the most dangerous aspect of this particular road is the sheer amount of signs that have been posted – it’s enough to confuse even the most alert driver! The moral of this photo: post warnings only when necessary. Or maybe just take a different, safer route …




This hilarious sign has to go down as one of the most useless of all time – yes, it warns drivers of something, but ultimately fails to give any clue as to what that might be. “Road surprises” could literally mean anything, and drivers are likely to be left laughing but also feeling a little uneasy and apprehensive about what’s in store for them! If anyone’s been to this location before, we’d love to know what you saw.


Source: Pinterest

Beware of the Bull

|This road sign is guaranteed to get drivers laughing, mainly from shock at the size of that bull! It’s one thing to warn drivers of the possible presence of animals, encouraging them to stay alert and drive carefully, but this sign goes one step further by suggesting that the bulls in this area are not only extraordinarily aggressive but also more significant than the average car and capable of flipping it! No doubt the sign does its job, though – drivers will have their wits about them after seeing the imminent danger that lies in wait!


Source: Pinterest

Easing Congestion

This sign is sure to have made many a driver’s blood boil when seeing it – especially when stuck in a traffic jam. It makes no logical sense whatsoever and serves no purpose, so it’s probably intended as a joke, but it’s hard to find amusement in something that makes the traffic jam that you’re in even worse. When viewing it on a screen from the safety of your own home, however, it’s hard not to chuckle.



SUV Sarcasm

The top sign in this photo is pretty simple and straightforward. But it’s the bottom sign that’s the hilarious part – completely sarcastic and almost condescending; it mocks the many SUV (a large truck-type vehicle) drivers that typically leave switching lanes to the last minute and therefore cut in front of other drivers that have already done so. Not only is this dangerous driving, but it’s also incredibly annoying – and the sarcastic “everyone is ok with it” bluntly lets the offending drivers that everyone certainly is not ok with it!



It Pays to Be Eco-Friendly

This is another excellent example of a completely useless sign for which the hilarity is derived through its ridiculousness. It’s entirely impossible to comply with – unless, of course, the locals in this area all have waterproof, floating cars! It’s much easier to cycle than drive in this town – no wonder you can only see bicycles in this photo.


Source: Twitter

Bionic Moose

Yes, this is funny – but it’s also a little scary! It’s warning drivers to avoid head-on collisions with a giant, super-power moose – and judging by the star-like shape in the car, the driver hasn’t fared too well. The moose, on the other hand, has come out completely unscathed! Better keep your eyes peeled and your wits about you if you’re driving through this area …


Photo by Education Images/UIG via Getty Images

Call for Help

This photo depicts a classic case of an employee being bored at work, and whoever was put in charge of the digital road signs on this particular day indeed decided to liven his shift up. We’re sure that the majority of drivers took it for the joke it (hopefully!) was intended to be, but no doubt a couple of gullible souls were drawn in and rung the authorities to help the “stuck” workers.


Source: Pinterest

Hollywood Wreckage

This road sign would probably be funny on its own because it’s so dramatic – yet distinctly vague – but its positioning over the scene of wreckage that could be taken straight out a Hollywood movie is hilarious. It’s sure to make most drivers slow down – even just to take a closer look and laugh more! Fingers crossed the wreckage is staged, though – it doesn’t look like anyone would have made it out of there alive!


Source: Pinterest

Trust No One

You just can’t trust anyone these days – not even the police, according to this amusing sign. Despite the parking lot being under police surveillance, drivers are warned not to leave valuables in their cars, which implies the law enforcers themselves can’t be trusted. Either that, or it’s suggesting their surveillance is useless! Either way, we bet the San Antonio Park Police don’t find anything about this sign funny – but they’re the only ones!


Source: Pinterest

American Sniper

This road sign is hilarious – of course, it’s not true, as it would be completely illegal in any country, but the idea that a sniper can enforce the speed limit is enough to make even the speediest of drivers slow down a little. You just never know what could happen these days! The great open wilderness that surrounds the road in question makes the sign even more foreboding – there’s no way you’d spot a sniper hiding in those conifers!



The Ultimate Choice

Forget the usual “please drive carefully” signs, which most people ignore. This one forgets the niceties and gets straight to the point by giving passing drivers two clear choices: drive slowly and see our city or drive fast and see our jail. There will be no getting out of jail free card if you’re caught speeding here – this sign provides all the warning you need!


Source: Flickr

Dead End

The top sign in this picture is perfectly normal and merely informs drivers that this is not a “thru” road. The hilarious part, however, is the bottom sign, which has quite clearly been added at a later date as a result of a never-ending stream of drivers arriving that are convinced that it is, in fact, a thru road because their GPS is telling them so. But, as the sign firmly points out, they are wrong and must turn round – you can almost hear the conviction mixed with frustration and exasperation in the tone of the sign!


Source: Pinterest

Brains Required

This sign really drills the point home – this road is extremely dangerous, and drivers need to keep their wits about them at all times! The way the messages are phrased, though, constitute comedy gold, and there’s no getting away from the fact that drivers must be sensible – i.e., use their brains – at all times to avoid becoming subject to natural selection. Mother Nature certainly isn’t something to mess with, and whoever posted this sign knows it!