The Godfather: 40 Behind the Scenes “Need to Knows”

The Godfather should be a primary reason why you should be glad you were born within the last 100 years. It is one of the best grossing movies of all time, and full of spirit, crime, drama, and the American dream! It’s the story of an Italian family first and foremost, they just a happen to run the mob. It’s a story full of betrayal, and sorrow. Kingship and peasantry, a true testament to what it was like to grow up Italian American in the early 40s. Despite the excitement around the novel that came before it, the film held much drama behind the scenes. We compiled some great behind the scenes drama that went on during the filming of the greatest mob story in American history.

“Don’t Quit! Let Them Fire You!”

It was 1971 when Francis Ford Coppola had just started filming what he knew may become the biggest project of his life! Mario Puzo’s The Godfather.

Francis Ford Coppola. Source: Gettyimages.

Filming had barely begun when Coppola got a call from his agent saying. “ Don’t Quit! Whatever you do don’t quit, just let them fire you! ” Let’s examine what went on behind the scenes that lead to this phone call, and what did Francis have to do to keep his part directing the Godfather. Let’s start with Pacino.

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