The Perfect Groomsmen Photos that Capture the Essence of Brotherly Love

We’ve seen all the bride photos and the wedding party moments. But how often do you see the groomsmen photos? Here are a bunch of photos that the groom and his men got to enjoy taking and we enjoyed seeing them.

Healing Powers

We don’t know the story behind this photo. Maybe he has healing powers or maybe he claims to be a guru of some sort. But his posse of groomsmen are relishing in his aura for the time being.



Doesn’t matter what the method, it’s always a good idea to collect yourself and be still before something big happens. Like the calm before the storm, but instead of a storm it’s a massive party.

Cigar Break

What better way to take a break from a hectic and overwhelming occasion than to take a break with your boys and smoke a cigar.



Although the photo is dark, the silhouettes portray a great group of men looking classy and enjoying each other’s company.

The next photo is truly genuine.


This photo isn’t remarkable, per say. But it does deserve a bravo for being truly real and genuine. We all see the staged photos of people being told to smile.



But this happy group of groomsmen don’t need to be told. They smile naturally and the photo was perfectly captured.


Weddings are a time for emotions and drunk-filled professions of brotherly love. Like this Kodak moment of a friend telling the groom how much he loves him.



The groom was clearly getting more love than he could physically manage. It must have been overwhelming after all.

Ever seen a group of groomsmen do a keg stand? See the next photo.

A Keg Stand

Boys will be boys! Even before the wedding even starts, they’re already getting drunk by doing keg stands. Good thing there’s a photographer to catch the moment.



Because if there wasn’t a photo of this moment, the groom wouldn’t remember it even happening.

Don’t Fly Away

Staged photos can sometimes look too staged and thus not come out as nice as intended. But not in this case. Here, the result is as cute as the idea was.



It’s almost as though these four men might actually fly away with the groom and his magical umbrella.

Next, a night for the stars…

Strike a Pose

This groom got to be superstar for a day with his own changing room, lights, and even his own gang of paparazzi photographers.



From the looks of it, this groom’s men are having a blast being his paparazzi. We applaud his white tux, too. Good choice, sir.

Genuine Fun

Although it looks like this is nearing the end of the night, the party has just begun for this rowdy fun-loving group of groomsmen.



They don’t let the night deter them from having fun. 1am? That’s early for these guys. They plan on partying until the sun comes up. It’s a special occasion!

The next photo is unlike any other you’ve seen.

Macho Groom

Whether they are Mexican or not, or are getting married in Mexico or not, it doesn’t matter. The photo is really great. They look very well put together in their charro suits.



This must have been really fun to get dressed up for and even more fun posing for the photos. Despite his serious expression, this groom was having the time of his life.

Family Entourage

This photo is refreshing. The colors are bright and airy, there are kids in the photo and they don’t take life too seriously.



It’s a really cute way to get the boys in the family together and make a memorable moment at a memorable event.

Next, men can stop to smell the roses too.

Smelling the Roses

Even during wedding photo shoots, it’s important to stop and smell the roses. And it means you can jump and smell them too.



Hendrick Moy is an award-winning wedding photographer based in New York and New Jersey. The guys really enjoyed their photo shoot with him as is clear by this happy photo.

Mixed Emotions

When it comes to weddings, it’s known that people can have mixed emotions. Some real, some not so much. It isn’t clear which man is the groom in this one.



We’re going to guess it’s the man with a regular smile and a buttoned up tuxedo. He let his friends go wild, but he’s keeping it together for the main event.

If you appreciate happy socks, you’ll love the next one.

Strutting Their Socks

These groomsmen are strutting their stuff and their socks as well. And it looks like each man chose a pair of socks to match his personality.



So then does the guy wearing 666 on his socks mean he’s a Satanist? And does the bacon guy love bacon that much?


There’s a new word to be used, alongside the infamous “selfie.” You can now refer to a group selfie shot as a “groufie.” And here’s an example.



This grooms is taking a groufie with this entourage. If they print an album, they should put the actual cellphone photo next to this one to make it complete.

Next, another groufie goody.

Some More Groufie Fun

Not only do girls make duck faces in selfies. This groufie is full of duck faces. And that goes for the color pink too.



Who says groomsmen can’t wear hot pink to a wedding? At least it’s contrasted nicely with the stark black suits.


What would a wedding album be like if it didn’t have a photo of the groomsmen clinking glasses and saying cheers?



This is a nice moment captured of all the guys raising

The next photo might as well be a group of security guards.

Groomsmen or Valet Parkers?

Is this a group of groomsmen or are they the men that take your car to be parked in the parking lot? Better yet, they could also be the team of security.



And it’s all because of the sunglasses they’re wearing. All you have to do is put sunglasses on a man wearing a suit and he suddenly turns into a security guard. Or valet parker. One of the two.

King of the World

This groom is on top of the world, posing at the top of a hill, with his top notch friends. This might be one of the very few groomsmen photos where the men aren’t wearing matching suits.



The scenery is beautiful. It must be Fall judging by the colors of the trees. This also looks like a great bunch of guys, and not having wear matching suits means the groom is as laid back as can be.

Next, little kids can be super heroes too.

Little BatMen

What a sweet photo. These two little ring bearers consider their role to be lifesaving since they’re wearing superhero capes.



These little boys will one day be proud to say that they were the ring bearers at one the coolest weddings they’ve ever been to.

Carrying the Groom

The list wouldn’t be complete if it didn’t have at least one photo like this. Every group of men needs at least one “feminine” shot where the groom is carried like a bride.



How many guys does it take to carry a groom? Six, apparently. And they seem to have a good grip of him too.

Next, a woman is one of the groomsmen.


We like this photo for a few reasons. The fact that they chose the wilderness as the background is really nice. The cabin looks magical. And we also love that a woman is one of the “groomspeople”.



If the wedding party was also in this location, then the bride and groom get bonus points for choosing the best location for a wedding.

Follow the Leader

Something about this photo has a Beatles-ish vibe. And we like that. The photo itself is a really cute one. The idea is nice, the composition works, and the black and white is perfect.



We just want to know if the entire photo shoot was of the men just walking around in a line. That would get a little redundant.

Next, a jumping start to a night to remember.

1, 2, 3, Jump!

This really looks like a fun group of guys to be around. And anyone who’s ever taking a jumping photo knows how difficult it can be to get it just right.



It’s not easy getting six people to all jump on queue and have the resulting photo capture all of them in the air so perfectly. Well done!

Bollywood Wedding?

Yes, let’s add some culture and color to the black and white photos! We love this for its fun and energy.



This looks like a real celebration, which is what a wedding is supposed to be! The colors are fantastic and this photo is a glimpse of what the wedding must have been like.

The next photo is a reminder to stretch!

Stretching Before the Show

It’s not a bad idea to do some serious (or rather silly) stretching before a big event. Chances are they’re going to be dancing and going wild within a few hours. So stretching is the way to go!



This makes us wonder what the bride’s version of their photo shoot is like. Are the bride and her bridesmaids doing yoga in their photos?

Pool Hall Classy

Here’s another idea for a wedding photo shoot. The pool hall! The groom probably hangs out there all the time. And maybe there’s even a story of how he met the bride there.



This rather classy shot is a nice photo to have framed and given to each of the groomsmen. And we appreciate the modesty of this one. Good choice, boys.

Next up, a baseball fan’s wedding dream comes true.

Baseball Fans

We’re not sure what the story is here with all the baseball bats. We’re going to assume and hope that it’s because they’re baseball fans.



It’s nice though to see personality in photos, and this one is full of personality. The black and white filter makes a rather silly photo that much more respectable.

Wedding or Commercial?

We gotta ask: is this a photo shoot at a wedding or a commercial photo shoot for men’s suits? These men are all standing so dapper in their attire in a huge and beautiful church.



This is a really striking photo and the men are even more striking in their fancy suits. Wise choice making it black and white, too. Well done.

Scottish Wedding

Is it safe to assume that this group is from Scotland? They’re in traditional kilt attires, running loud and proud, in this dramatic shot. We love the enthusiasm boys!



And what a shot! Our favorite groomsman is the guy on the right, running proudly with what looks to be a mini flag. We just have one question: which one is the groom?

Super Groomsmen

We all have a friend (or two, or more) that are obsessed with comic books. So much so that they would get all their groomsmen to wear superhero shirts under their tuxedos.



The men here strip off their alter egos and display their inner superheroes. Not a bad idea!

More Superheroes

It looks like we have another superhero-obsessed group of men that are dying to show off their inner hero. The question now is: who wore it best?



This proves that not all heroes wear capes. It looks like the groom is also Batman. Did he have to go fight crime on his wedding night? We’ll never know.

True Dedication

This is one of the few groomsmen photos that includes the bride as well. And not just includes her, she’s the star of the show in this shot.



And they didn’t want it to be a boring shot. We appreciate the humor and hats off to the groomsman who lay down on the ground. That’s dedication.

British Kind of Fun

We love a good sense of humor when it comes to wedding photos. Why do they have to be so serious anyways? This is a great example of the men just having fan. ‘Cus men just wanna have fun, right?



This is definitely not one of the more common wedding photos. The groom and groomsmen are sitting on the famous British bicycles at The Guildhall in London.

Happy Feet

There’s something about colorful socks that men seem to really love lately. They’re referred to as “Happy Socks” by many. And they really are a happy feature to groomsmen’s suits.



They’re also a pretty good contrast to the men’s serious poker faces that they’re strutting for the shot.

Some More Happy Socks

Oh, men and their fascination with happy socks. Unlike the previous group of groomsmen, this group felt like pulling up their pant legs and fully flaunting their colorful socks.



Also unlike the previous group, these men are mostly grinning. Except the man on the left who looks physically upset by the idea. Maybe he didn’t get to choose the pair that he’s wearing.

His Assistants/Groomsmen

What groom doesn’t want to look sharp on his wedding day? And what better way to get ready than with your groomsmen prepping and pampering you.



Some are really helping, like the buddy who’s putting the handkerchief in his pocket. And then there’s the friend holding his belt buckle – we’re not really sure what he’s doing.

Blown Away

Talk about an epic photo for a groom and his groomsmen. He’s literally blowing them away with some sort of superpower he has with his hands.


Source: SLR Lounge

We’re not sure how they managed to pull this off, and must have taken many attempts. But the end result was well worth it.

A Night to Remember

Leave it to the groomsmen who have had maybe a few too many to drink to make the night one to remember.


Source: Country Rebel Clothing

Like this group of dudes who needed to pull off one last stunt before calling it a night. Let’s hope he didn’t fall.

Jump For It

Jumping shots seem to be popular among the boy groups. At least they all managed to get in the air. It probably took a few attempts to get it right.


Source: Pinterest

The guy that’s third from the left have some good leverage right there. He must be a regular jumper.

Pants Off

We had to put one boxer shot into the list. Men and their boxers are a staple and why not get a shot of the whole crew in their boxers in the middle of a New York street?


Source: Anthony Vazquez Photography

We hope you enjoyed the photos. Make your next wedding party one to remember!