The Story of Agatha Christie

Agatha’s Bitter Relationship Experience

Agatha spent much of her childhood isolated from other children and did not have many friends until she was above 12 years. This, according to many analysts is what made it difficult for her to handle her relationships well.


1926: English crime writer Agatha Christie (1890 – 1976) and her daughter, Rosalind, (right), are featured in a newspaper article reporting the mysterious disappearance of the novelist. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

First, she was unable to adjust to the school discipline atmosphere when she was sent to receive her formal education at the age of 11. It is this same discipline issues that would later make her first husband divorce her. Archie, her husband, fell in love with other women and asked Christie for a divorced. Agatha quarreled her husband from time to time which made him give up on the marriage and left her. It was after this divorce when she disappeared for 11 days. She later got to her second marriage during her later life with archeologist Max Mallowan whom she lived with till her death.