The Story of Guinness: How the Irish Beer Became the Source of World Records

The book that holds all the record-breaking achievements from all disciplines across the world is now in its 63rd edition and believe it or not, continues to be a bestseller. The Guinness Book of World Records is the place to look for anyone who wants to know who has the most tattoos in the world, what the biggest advertisement is, or which celebrity has the most popular TV personality on Twitter? Also, are you curious to know which celebrities have their own world records?

Guinness World Records has been following global achievements and eccentricities since the 1950s. They employ hundreds of people in locations all around the globe to record the most random feats imaginable to humans.

But have you ever wondered how the legendary book of records came about? Are you aware that the famous brand of beer with the dark brown color was the same owner of the world record trademark? This is the story of Guinness and how an Irish beer became the expert on world records.

It All Happened at a Shooting Party

Guinness, the producer of a distinguished stout beer based in Dublin, Ireland became involved in chronicling and the world’s most astounding records. The world record holder and the beer share a name for a reason. Today, however, the two are no longer officially linked.


It all started in 1951, when Sir Hugh Beaver, the managing director of the Irish brewery, attended a hunting expedition at Castlebridge House on the River Slaney in County Wexford. Beaver shot at a game bird and missed, bringing the whole group of men to a big argument.

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