These are Actual Historical Facts,But Your Brain Doesn’t Want You to Believe Them

Our brains like to categorize things to keep things simple. Otherwise, it’s information overload and too much to assess and remember. But sometimes we find things out that aren’t comfortably categorized, making our brains hurt and change our perception on time. Which is exactly what these historical facts are about to do.

Queen Elizabeth and Marilyn Monroe

What do these two have in common, other than being seen in the same photo here? Well, the two were born in the same year. And that year was 1926.


Source: KirbyFood

This photo shows the two meeting one another at a movie premier for The Battle of the River Plate in Leicester Square, London in 1956. They were both 30 at the time. Marilyn was with Arthur Miller, her husband at the time. If Marilyn was alive today, she’d be 92 years old.

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