These Are the Days of Their Lives: From 1965 Until Today

The long-running NBC daytime soap has been the talk of the town recently because it was almost canceled. The show that premiered on November 8, 1965, was said to be going on a break, and the network even released all of the actors had out of their contracts. The show was going on an “indefinite hiatus,” but people were wondering if it was “clickbait story.” I mean, these days, you can never be too sure.


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But fans of the show sighed a breath of relief when the show was reported as being renewed for a 56th season. Since the first episode aired in 1965, the notoriously insane and heart-wrenching soap opera became one of the longest-running scripted TV shows in the world. Whether or not you’re even a fan of soap operas, that’s a pretty impressive feat, wouldn’t you say? The cast of this show has mostly stayed the same, with some new faces here and there. Take a look and see how the years have affected them…

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