These Moments Can’t Be Unseen: The Most Iconic Images in Movie History

Sometimes there are defining moments in movies, in which one scene is forever ingrained in your memory. And those movie moments become iconic; the images live on forever. For instance, when you think of Marilyn Monroe, what image pops up in your head? Is it the one of her in the white dress, holding it down so the wind doesn’t lift it up? Exactly. That was from a 1955 movie (you’ll see in the list).

Each and every one of these famous films, from the 1930s to today, have one (or more) powerful scene in which the image took on a life of its own and remains significant to this day. We’ll begin with the oldest and get to the most recent. Let’s start the show!

Frankenstein (1931) – The Icon Monster of Film

Frankenstein was loosely based on Mary Shelley’s novel. And while this film originally came out in 1931, the James Whale classic is still powerful to this day.


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The image of the monster lasted for many decades, both in tributes and spoof versions of the story. The film has inspired many films after it.

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