Time to Search the Attic! These Vintage Are Worth A Lot More Than You Think

You’re going to want to search your attic or basement or call your parents to search theirs because these vintage toys from your childhood could be worth a lot today. These are toys that you probably used to play with when you were little and hopefully kept in a box somewhere! They’re worth a lot more today than the price your parents paid to buy them. Even if you don’t still have these toys and games, you can enjoy going down memory lane with us.

The Original Monopoly

There’s an original hand-drawn version of Monopoly that was made by Charles Darrow in 1933 and it sold for $146,500 in 2011. But if you have any vintage models of this classic board game from the 1930s or limited edition versions, they can be worth a pretty penny.


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People have sold other vintage versions from the 1930s for around $3,125 and some editions can sell for hundreds of dollars on eBay.

PEZ Dispensers

Remember PEZ Dispensers? People didn’t just eat little candies from them. They collected them too. Some PEZ Dispensers are so rare that they’ve sold for thousands. One 1982 edition called Astronaut B sold for $32,000 on eBay.


Source: ebaumsworld.com

There are other collectible dispensers like the Mickey Mouse Soft Head dispenser, the 1955 Santa Claus Head dispenser, and the PEZ gun. It’s funny how something that cost maybe 25 cents is now worth thousands of dollars. Go figure!

Garbage Pail Kids’ Cards

The good old 80s. Can you recall seeing all those wacky Garbage Pail Kids collectible cards? While they may have been weird little cards that kids loved to collect, they now are found on the internet.


Source: cheapism.com

And their value depends on the card. One called Adam Bomb can reach $3,000. And if they were saved in their original packaging, they’re worth even more.

Pokémon Cards

Pokémon cards were another highly popular collectible among kids. The cards were released in 1996 and it started a whole fad of obsessive collecting. They were first published in Japan.


Source: hearstapps.com

Some Pokémon cards are worth thousands, mostly if they’re rare and were kept in good condition. The holographic “Mewtwo” card is going for $11,997 and other cards can go for similar value.

1978 Luke Skywalker Action Figure

It’s safe to say that Star Wars has a devoted fan base since the 1970s. And the collectible products can sell for a lot. The Luke Skywalker Action figure which was originally released in 1978, was sold for $25,000 in an online auction in 2015.


Source: fortune.com

It goes to show that sometimes toys have a deep emotional attachment to them and some people are willing to pay lots of cash for a plastic toy that is worth so much more than how it looks.

Beanie Babies

You probably remember Beanie Babies, the plush collectibles from the early 1990s that lasted well into the late 2000s. People are willing to pay thousands of dollars for certain limited edition Beanie Babies. The value will vary depending on the Beanie Baby you have.


Source: Yahoo.com

One from 1997, a 1st Edition Princess Diana Beanie Bear has gone for $12,000. And then there’s’ the Peanut Royal Blue Elephant Beanie Baby which sold for $5,000. Since there was a manufacturing error, only 2,000 of the royal blue “Peanut” elephants were made with a darker color than originally intended.

Hot Wheels

Sure, most of these little cars are worth only a few dollars, but rare finds are worth thousands. Since 1968, 4,000,000,000 Hot Wheels cars were produced. One of the most valuable Hot Wheels is the 1969 “Volkswagen Beach Bomb” with surfboards hanging out the back window and wheels too big for the fitted race tracks.


Source: laweekly.com

The Beach Bomb car wasn’t widely produced which made it more valuable. It was a prototype and has a value of around $125,000.

Action Comics No. 1

Okay, so we all know that comic books can be very valuable, both monetarily as well as sentimentally. But since we’re talking money, you might be amused by the most expensive comic ever sold on eBay.


Source: Variety.com

It’s a perfectly kept 1938 edition that went up for auction in 2014, and it sold for $3.2 million! Why so much? Well, it’s the comic that first introduced Superman to the world. So you can imagine the obsession. There are less than 50 in the world.

Wun-Dar He-Man

This action figure can also be referred to as naked-with-a-loin-cloth He-Man. Funnily enough, it was a given with the purchase of Wonder Bread in the 1990s. And if you by chance saved the little guy, you’re in luck.


Source: cbr.com

People have sold them on eBay for around $500. Not too bad! Their love for white bread paid off in the long run.

Fisher Price’s Push Cart Pete

Fisher Price toys are definitely classic and if they were kept in great condition, they can be worth some nice cash. This 9-inch pull toy from 1936 can go for $3,000.


Source: Yahoo.com

It’s pretty amazing considering that it only cost 50 cents when it used to be sold in stores. Chances are you don’t have this toy at home, but it’s still fun to see how years add value.

American Girl Doll

Every little girl wanted a new American Girl Doll in the 80s. The dolls weren’t cheap, costing about $120. But they’re worth a lot more today. Some were discontinued, like the Felicity, Samantha, Kirsten, and Molly dolls.


Source: Yahoo.com

If you happen to have one of these dolls at home, together with their original clothing and accessories, you could rake in up to $11,000. Not too shabby!

Lionel’s Pennsylvania “Trail Blazer” Train Set

Electric train sets seem to be a favorite nostalgic toy among many. Whoever has an original Lionel set in their attic should take it out and shine it up. It could be worth hundreds of dollars and go up to thousands.


Source: internettop40.com

The 1934 Standard Gauge version of the train set can be worth up to $250,000! That’s a quarter of a million. Who knew?

First Edition Barbie

Barbie is another classic nostalgic toy that collectors revel in. Today, Barbies aren’t like they used to be. The classic, hourglass-shaped 1959 version will forever be the cream of the crop to collectors.


Source: icepop.com

Original Barbies with zebra-stripe swimsuits and a retro up-do go from around $8,000 to $23,000. Barbie was first released in 1959 and to this day is a favorite among little girls. What house doesn’t have one?

Vintage Atari Cartridges

It may sound strange, but there was an urban legend that Atari had buried hundreds of their game cartridges in the New Mexico desert in 1983. Weird, right? Well, it turned out to be true.


Source: mashable.com

881 recovered cartridges were found and then sold, making a total of $107,000 in profits. If sold individually, some of the more rare and popular cartridges can sell for hundreds of dollars on eBay.

Air Raid Atari Game

Speaking of Atari, the Air Raid game was released in 1982 and is worth $31,600. But the catch is it has to come in the original box. Only two copies of the boxed game exist.


Source: moneyinc.com

But even if you have the game lying around but no box, you can still make some cash. Just the cartridge of the game can go for $3,000.

Original Furby

These furry little interactive toys started showing up on shelves in 1998. Since it’s not that far back, maybe there’s a chance you still have one lying around somewhere. And if you do, you can sell it for a nice amount.


Source: mom.me

An early version in an unopened box can be sold for $900. Who knew a fluffy mixture between a hamster and an owl could be worth so much?

Game Boy

It was almost a foreshadowing of today’s generation of people staring at their phones. Little boys and girls would be staring at their Game Boys in the 90s. Nintendo’s handheld game system was first released in the U.S. in 1989.


Source: gamesniped.com

Good condition Game Boys can sell for hundreds, but if you have a special edition, like the Game Boy Light, it can go for over $1,000.

Sega Genesis

It was almost a rivalry back then – you either had a Game Boy or a Sega Genesis. It’s kind of like today’s competition between Apple and Samsung. Anyways, a Sega Genesis game system today can make you a pretty penny.


Source: mom.me

If you have one lying around, see if it still works. Because if it does, put it up for sale and see that you might make up to $2,000 for it. Not bad at all for a plastic video game that you forgot about.

Mario Kart 64

Speaking of video games, one of Nintendo’s most favored of all time, Mario Kart, is worth more today than back when it was sold on the shelves.


Source: hearstapps.com

Mario Kart can now sell for $460 to $675. The video game that every kid wanted to play on Saturday mornings in the living room and basically taught them how to drive is now a valuable collectible. Nice!

Original Transformers Action Figures

Now, kids will just go see the Blockbuster movies in theatres, but back in the day, the action figures were the talk of the town. The Hasbro Company produced the first line of the transforming robot action figures back in 1984.


Source: hearstapps.com

Those kept in their original box can be worth a lot more than their original value. Optimus Prime figures in original packaging are listed on eBay for up to $1,000.

First Edition of “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone”

Books are also a collectible and worth a lot when it comes to originals. The first editions of the U.S. version of J.K. Rowling’s story were published in 1998. It started the Harry Potter phenomenon and therefore have sold for $6,500.


Photo by Alex Wong/Newsmakers

A signed copy can sell for $15,000. Who knows, maybe someone in your family bought the book back in 1998 thinking it looked good and now could make a little fortune off of it.

First Edition of “Where the Wild Things Are”

In 2012, someone sold a signed first edition from 1963 of Maurice Sendak’s classic children’s book Where the Wild Things Are. It sold on Abebooks.com for a whopping $25,000.


Photo by Ben Gabbe/Getty Images

The condition of the book was pristine, which is almost impossible to do since books are always smudges, ripped, and bent somehow. But this one was perfectly maintained.

Cabbage Patch Kids Dolls

Cabbage Patch Kids are a favorite among collectors. They were first created by Xavier Roberts in 1978. They were a staple of the American household for a long time. And one couple is admittedly obsessed with them.


Source: vice.com

Pat and Joe Prosey collect Cabbage Patch Dolls, with over 5,000 dolls they keep in a custom-built Maryland museum. If you’re curious, the collection is worth $360,000

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1980s Action Figures

The Ninja Turtles were a favorite among kids as well as their parents. They made their first appearance as comic book characters in 1984. Then, the popular animated series followed in 1987.


Source: cbr.com

It’s all about keeping toys in mint condition. If well kept, these can go for about $400 to $900, and some rare ones sell for $5,000.

Jurassic Park Action Figures

Who can forget the epic Steven Spielberg’s film from 1993 about a dinosaur theme park gone wrong? Tons of action figures will keep the legacy going. The original 1990s action figures are worth a lot if they’re in good condition.


Source: hearstapps.com

They can go for thousands. One particular T-Rex figure was listed at $2,800 online. That’s right, a plastic dinosaur. Now, go look through your box of old toys!

Happy Meal Toys

Oh, McDonald’s, how you changed the world. Starting in 1979, Happy Meals came with toys. And collectors’ sixth sense started working. Those who collected these mini toys made some money off of them.


Source: hearstapps.com

On eBay, you can find collections like the all Disney-themed characters that go for around $300 or a Barbie collection for $135.

Vintage Super Soaker Water Guns

Summers were made even better when Super Soakers became a staple of every water fight on the block. These guns took them to the next level, and apparently, they’re still in demand.


Source: hearstapps.com

Some models from the 1990s start selling at $129, and can up to $500. The vintage original from 1982 can go for up to $1000. That’s a pricey water gun if you ask us.

Stretch Armstrong

Stretch Armstrong was the toy man whose arms stretched beyond any humanly imaginable length. And they never broke! Amazingly, the vintage versions are worth more than you would think.


Source: top5.com

Vintage Stretch Armstrong dolls have gone on auction for $4000 and even $10,000 buys have been recorded. People must really want to get their hands on this toy!

1964 G.I. Joe

G.I. Joe was the original classic action figure. Every young boy in the 1960s just had to get his hands on the brave little soldier. It went well with his sister’s Barbie.


Source: finance101

G.I. Joe has changed quite a bit over the years, but the original 1964 is worth the most. It’s worth checking to see if you have one in the attic because you could be looking at $10,000. Obviously, it needs to be in mint condition and unopened.

Teddy Ruxpin

Little Teddy Ruxpin, the nostalgic animatronic bear would “read” kids stories. It had an audio cassette player built right into its back. But for course, kids had no idea. So it was pretty revolutionary when it came out in 1985.


Source: hearstapps.com

Today, these bears reach up to $500. The Original teddy bear from 1985 will get you about $1,640. Not bad for a talking bear.

Lite Brite

Believe it or not, this toy was first marketed in 1967. It let children create glowing art by putting small, colored plastic pegs into an illuminated board. They used to cost about $10 to $20.


Source: hearstapps.com

The full sets from the ’70s and ’90s are sold for about $300 today. There are even versions of this toy still being made today.

Lego Trains:

Lego trains are not like the electric train sets from the 1930s, but they still hold value. There are all kinds of sets, from Steam Cargo Trains to Diesel Freight Trains to High-Speed City Express Trains.


Source: lovemoney.com

The sets range from $1,000 and $3,000. So maybe it’s worth putting one up for sale online if you see your kids just aren’t into them anymore.

Magic: The Gathering Card Collections

Not everyone has heard of this fantasy card. But if you were into this game growing up, your collection could be worth a lot today. You won’t believe the amount one collection was sold for.


Source: vox-cdn.com

Some collections sold for tens of thousands of dollars, and then there are rare individual cards. For example, the Alpha “Black Lotus” sold for $87,000!

Vinyl Caped Jawa

The original Jawa action figures hit the shelves in 1978 and were outfitted with a thin vinyl cape – ones similar to those found on Darth Vader and Obi-Wan Kenobi.


Source: bbc.com

But the second wave of the Jawa figures were replaced with a sewn cloth robe instead. The original figure can get you at least $5,000. That’s a really good minimum price for selling a toy!

Boba Fett Action Figure

Another huge Star Wars collectible is Boba Fett. In 1980, the first wave of Empire Strikes Back action figures were released, including the original Boba Fett figure that came with a missile that fired from his back.


Source: cnbc.com

Story goes that the company, Kenner, re-released the figure with the missile permanently glued into his backpack, officially denying that they ever released a missile-firing version. But some of the originals came onto the market and people are paying a lot for them. one was sold for $32,000!

My Little Pony Dolls

These little pastel ponies from the ’80s and ’90s that had Barbie-like hair of all kinds of colors are worth quite a bit today. The price you’re going to get for the pony is going to depend on the quality of its hair and how clean it is.


Source: finance101.com

The most valuable ponies are mail-ordered ponies that can be ordered with “pony points.” There are also the flutter ponies with wings. They go for about $900 on eBay.

Power Rangers

In 1994, an amazing $350 million worth of Power Rangers toys were sold. Even four years later, in 1998, sales were still reaching $200 million.


Source: finance101.com

Limited edition Power Ranger toys are now worth thousands. Take the Lost Galaxy Deluxe Gold Galaxy Megazord figurine for instance. It was sold on eBay for about $1,400.

Spider-Man Comic Books

We all know how comic books can reach unbelievable amounts when sold at auctions. And Spider-Man is no exception.


Source: marvel.com

Selling price on eBay: $47,875 for Marvel Amazing Fantasy No. 15: Spider-Man

Spider-Man was first seen in Marvel’s “Amazing Fantasy” No. 15 comic book. So it’s clearly a wanted item for collectors. A copy was sold for $48,800 on eBay. But one was even sold for $1.1 million at a 2011 auction.

Polly Pocket

Remember those Polly Pocket toys that were a big hit in the 1990s? They were the toy every little girl wanted to have since everyone else had one.


Source: dailytrend.mx

They may not be worth a fortune like some of the other toys, but you can still sell them for up $450 on eBay.


A real 90s kid had a few of these digital pets. These little-pixelated creatures kept kids busy for hours. They were even used as keychains. Little did anyone know that they would be worth something today.


Source: worthpoint.com

If you still have an original Tamagotchi in the box, you could earn about $3,000. And believe it or not, Tamagotchis have made a comeback. Celebs like Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry showed up to the Met Gala in 2016 with them.