Unlocking the Secrets of the Beloved Movie “Dirty Dancing”

Dirty Dancing is one of the most watched and loved movies of all time. There are so many special moments in this movie that you can’t ever forget it. There are the secrets about the movie you never knew, but here they are!

Val Kilmer as Johnny

Back in the day, Val Kilmer was a really big star. He had just been in the mega hit film “Top Gun” and had become very popular through this role.


Source: bridesblush.com

Well, the film as we know did exceptionally well and he actually expressed the he originally turned down the part because he didn’t want to be type-cast as a hunk. Instead, he took the “hunk” role in “Willow” in 1988 and it didn’t do very well. But, can you really see Val Kilmer as Johnny? We don’t think so either!

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