We Dare You Not to Sing Along – the 40 Most Addictive Choruses of All Time

Some songs are so catchy we can’t help but sing them over and over again in our heads. It’s mainly the chorus – those lyrics that keep us hooked and addicted. Here’s the list compiled from Billboard and NME. We even have a special playlist waiting for you at the end of this article with all your favorite choruses from the songs you love!

40. “A Design For Life” – Manic Street Preachers

Post-Richey, ‘Design For Life’ came out with all guns blazing, fighting for life. As a cascade of Bacharach-influenced strings came down, the guitar chords sounded bold and triumphant.


Photo by Robin Little/Redferns

James Dean Bradfield sings: “ We don’t talk about love/We only want to get drunk ,” and the full weight of the meaning lay heavily in every listener’s heart.

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