What are the Best Rated Super Bowl Commercials of All Time?

I remember the very first Super Bowl party I ever went to. I was only five years old. My father worked at a car dealership, and his boss invited him to the annual Super Bowl party he held every year. Being a young boy, I knew little about the sport and had no idea what to expect, but from the second I was welcomed at the door, I realized that there was no turning back as I was instantly hooked to the NFL Championship atmosphere. Twenty years later and I remember every moment of that night. The pizza, wings, and drinks spread across a big glorious table. The nice colors on the jerseys, and even the captivating Superbowl commercials that kept us hooked to the TV between plays. There was nothing like it! So now with summer coming and the NFL Draft looming ahead, it’s time for an ode to the Superbowl commercials that helped me understand what American spirit is at such a young age! I have compiled the best ads of all time with number one at the end as a thank you to the NFL for making me feel welcomed and part of American culture from year one as an immigrant. Every other slide has a video so as the last six ads on our list. Enjoy!

Talking Babies?

Let’s start with the fact that every commercial on this list is excellent in its own respects. Some more iconic than others, but all interesting and very unique none the less! The first commercial on the list is the E-Trade Babies Super Bowl XLIV 2010 Commercial.

People love babies, and people like money. This commercial took that combination and made it into a masterpiece by dubbing a man’s voice on a baby’s mouth, and the result is pure cuteness, and hilarity that conveys the message correctly. Check it out!

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