What Was Once Nerd Culture is Now Pop Culture: Comic-Con at its Best

Comic-Con is a celebration of geek culture. It’s a place for all those interesting individuals who dress up as superheroes, wizards, spaceships, and zombies can all congregate together and all feel at home. Comic-Con helped made this possible.

Comic-Con started out as a rather small convention, bringing different groups together. The first Comic-Con occurred in 1970 (then called Minicon) where only 300 people showed up. The first Comic-Cons wanted to unite different fan groups and let everyone celebrate their interests together. The CC helped show the world that there was space for geek culture. A big part of their success is that the conventions are run by fans themselves.

Comic-Con is Truly Massive

Today, Comic-Con is a massive convention that gains attention from not only individuals but huge companies all over the world. Major publishing companies often show up to share the latest news of whatever movie or TV show they’re promoting.


China Daily

Comic-Con is really a sight to see. From action figures to gorgeous movie props and costumes, the convention is flooded with really talented people enjoying the fun of cosplay. So let’s see some of these talented people!

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