What Was Once Nerd Culture is Now Pop Culture: Comic-Con at its Best

Comic-Con is a celebration of geek culture. It’s a place for all those interesting individuals who dress up as superheroes, wizards, spaceships, and zombies can all congregate together and all feel at home. Comic-Con helped made this possible.

Comic-Con started out as a rather small convention, bringing different groups together. The first Comic-Con occurred in 1970 (then called Minicon) where only 300 people showed up. The first Comic-Cons wanted to unite different fan groups and let everyone celebrate their interests together. The CC helped show the world that there was space for geek culture. A big part of their success is that the conventions are run by fans themselves.

Comic-Con is Truly Massive

Today, Comic-Con is a massive convention that gains attention from not only individuals but huge companies all over the world. Major publishing companies often show up to share the latest news of whatever movie or TV show they’re promoting.


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Comic-Con is really a sight to see. From action figures to gorgeous movie props and costumes, the convention is flooded with really talented people enjoying the fun of cosplay. So let’s see some of these talented people!

Cosplay – Costume and Play

Cosplay is a combination of the words costume and play and it’s a performance art where people, “cosplayers,” wear costumes and fashion accessories to represent a specific character.


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Here we see a group of Chewbaccas from Star Wars, of course. These three can be called Chewbacca’s Angels.

Next, you’ll see which actors show up at Comic-Con.

Bryan Cranston aka Walter White

Actors also show up at the cosplay fun land. Breaking Bad actor Bryan Cranston walked around for the whole day at Comic Con with a hyper-realistic mask of his character Walter White. Of course, nobody suspected that the man in the mask was the actor!


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Breaking Bad has reached a certain cult status and fans were floored to see their favorite teacher who broke bad standing there in the flesh. Word on the street is that Saul Goodman was there too, but we’re not positive.

Will Ferrell aka Megamind

Will Ferrell is a majorly famous comedic actor who has also turned to voice work as well. He played the villainous character in the surprisingly hilarious animated Megamind.


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Will Ferrell showed up to one of the conventions dressed as Megamind, obviously to promote his movie before it was released.

If you wanna see Comic-Con celebrated on a famous TV series, see the next photo.

The Big Bang of Cosplay

Who doesn’t love seeing their favorite TV characters dressed up as other people? This was a crossover episode where one TV show cast appeared in a different series.


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Howard is seen here as Batgirl, Sheldon as Wonder Woman, Leonard as Super Woman, and then there’s Raj as Cat Woman. And he’s the only one who looks happy about it.

If Disney Were Hipster

Choosing to come as a Disney princess is one of the safest choices for a woman at Comic Con because the costumes are bought and easily available.



These girls decided to put their own spin on what could have been a really boring version of cosplay. They came as Disney “hipsters” with catchphrases. Cleverly done ladies!

Next, the coolest family ever!

This Family is the Coolest

This family loves to dress up, as they came to Comic-Con one year dressed up as the characters from Inside Out, the highly acclaimed animated movie about the human emotions.



The movie is really great, and they pull it off every time – the creators manage to make it interesting and funny for the adults while colorful and fun for the little ones to see.

The Same Family!

This family went at it again when they came to Comic-Con as the Harry Potter Family. This family is clearly creative and knows how to really have fun.



We want to see more from them! If they’ve already gone twice, chances are they’ve gone more or will go again.

Next, see how pets come to Comic-Con too.

Simba the Dog

Who says dogs can’t join in on the cosplay fun? Pets are allowed at the convention, but the only thing is that they have to come dressed as a character, obviously.


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This man wanted to make sure his dog didn’t miss out on the fun. This pup looks fierce, looking for another dog to growl at, but he represented Simba from The Lion King that day.

No, That’s Not Gal Gadot

People at Comic-Con may have hoped to see Israeli actress Gal Gadot who portrayed Wonder Woman at the 2018 convention. But that didn’t happen.


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Instead, fans got to see this hairy dude’s costume. We applaud his bravery but question his taste.

You should see the next couple from Comic-Con!

The Joker and Harley Quinn

He spent the whole day in character, posing as the Joker, but by the time this photo was taken, he had to break character and answer a phone call.



That’s not what the Joker would do. Or is it? Harley, however, is keeping her character.

Iron Dog

This dog wins the prize for best dog costume at the convention. He came as Iron Man from Marvel fame.


Bored Panda

We love this costume! We just hope that it was uncomfortable in any way. We all know how dogs can act funny when you put clothes on them.

Next, this guy should get a medal for his costume!

Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland

This is by far one of the best cosplayers we’ve seen yet! This man came as the Mad Hatter and even dressed up his scooter!


Bored Panda

This man should get an award for his creation of a costume. It’s a work of art!

Mantis, Gamora and Nebula

What an impressive trio from Guardians of the Galaxy! Here you see Mantis, who uses her powers to protect the galaxy against those who seek to harm it. Then there’s Gamora, a trained warrior assassin from adoptive father Thanos.


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Then there’s Nebula, a fierce warrior who is the adopted daughter of Thanos and the sister of Gamora.

Next, another big celebrity and his daughter showed up at the convention.

Baby Walter White

Here’s another celebrity sighting and fellow Breaking Bad actor who made an appearance at the convention. And who did he bring along? His son!


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His daughter’s name is Story Annabelle Paul. Interesting choice of a name Aaron! She’s an adorable “cook” by the way.

Meet Hawkgirl from DC Comics

This woman actually made this costume, wings included! We are beyond impressed. Her character is Hawkgirl.



Hawkgirl is an immortal warrior who’s been reborn into countless lives. The character is from the famous DC Comics.

What a portrayal in the next photo!

The Incredible Ciri from The Witcher

For those who may not be familiar with The Witcher, it’s a game turned original Netflix series about a monster hunter. Ciri is the princess.


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This woman who came to the convention as Ciri has quite a phenomenal stare! She looks as fierce as the character in both the game and TV series.

A Different Version of Belle

Belle, the beautiful and sweet character for Beauty and the Beast has now moved on to hunting and killing the beasts in her world.



This girl, or Belle we should say, should be taken seriously. She’s not one to be messed with!

Next up – a steampunk version of an old classic!

Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein, Meet Steampunk

It seems like nowadays, just about everyone turns to steampunk style to add a fun twist to rather regular costumes.


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Here we have Frankenstein and his bride in steampunk garb. Looking quite dapper, we might add. Well done, you lovebirds.

We Salute You, Captain America

This is a refreshing take on Captain America and the typical type of models that would normally pose for a photo like this. Having plus-sized women makes it a lot more relatable, right?


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Regardless of size, it’s a nice photo! Captain America and his female posse stood for a photo shoot when they weren’t touring the floors of the convention center.

If you wanna see an after battle scene, see the next slide.

Meanwhile, at Comic-Con

While thousands are inside the huge convention center, looking at all the things there are to see inside, this group of Halo warriors had some fun.


Spacemat the Cosplay

The group of warriors decided to get together on the steps and play out a battle scene and they achieved this impressive shot as a result. They got to feel as though they were in the game itself!

Sally And Jack Skellington, The Nightmare Before Christmas

Remember the animated creepy and wildly popular movie Nightmare Before Christmas? This couple certainly does.



And they pulled it off with their costumes. We like the originality. Probably no one else at Comic-Con dressed as that.

Ghost Rider, Marvel

Talk about impressive make up, hair and full costume! This woman took Ghost Rider seriously.



The Mavel character is actually male. Ghost Rider bonded with demon Zarathos. And so the motorcycle stunt man Johnny Blaze became Ghost Rider.


Loki, the nurse God himself showed his face at Comic-Con 2017. The crowd was beyond surprised when they saw Tom Hiddleston in front of them dressed as Loki.


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Loki is up considered one of the best villains of all time as Thor’s evil brother.

Next up – America’s favorite Aquaman!

Aquaman Jason Momoa Takes a Dip at Comic Con

Jason Momoa was the affable big man on campus at the 2016 Comic Con, referring to himself as “the Native Mr. T” for his jewelry.


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You the poster of him as Aquaman? The filmmaker revealed, “I tried to get him to do it pantsless!”

When You Think You’re the Only One

This amusing photo was taken at the 2016 Comic-Con and it goes to show you that even though you may think you’re coming to the place with a creative idea, chances are someone else had the same one.


Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Next, a popular costume from the 2016 CC!

A Popular Costume for CC 2016

Here’s another one from the 2016 convention. A common sight that year was Harley Quinn. With all those colors and her plain coolness leaves us unsurprised that it was a big hit.


Matt Cowan/Getty Images

Not only is her garb in the patriotic red, white, and blue, she blends right in with the gigantic American flag.

Even Stormtroopers Have to Use the Bathroom

Sometime people forget about the fact that they’re going to need to use the bathroom at some point in the day when they’re choosing or creating their costumes.


Daniel Knighton/FilmMagic

This photo is the reality of it. Yes, even Stormtroopers need to relieve themselves.

Cosplayers at CC Sydney 2018

Batman keeps an eye on them while this impressive group of superheroes stops for a photo op.


James D. Morgan/Getty Images

So who do we have here? Black Widow, Cat Woman, and Shazam among the rest.

They’re Still Parents at the End of the Day

Cosplayers Natasha and Conor Lindop may be dressed as characters from Batman, but they’re still parents with a diaper bag and little Robin to attend to.



Their son Dylan, aged 2, is standing there, waiting for his parents to stop arguing about who’s going to change his diaper.

Next up, another celebrity appearance, but a very strange one!

Now That’s a Moment That Doesn’t Happen Often

Comic-Con International 2015 had an interesting moment (among many). Actor Ron Perlman from Hand of God poses with Ron Perlman impersonators.


Michael Buckner/Getty Images for Samsung

That must have been a moment the actor never anticipated. Dozens of people wearing masks of your face is one that may recur in his nightmares.

A Disney Time Out

Disney princesses need a time out too. These cosplayers took a break on the grass at the San Diego Convention Center in 2018.


Mario Tama/Getty Images

The best thing about this photo? Cinderella is eating a bag of chips. And if the other princesses judged her – shame on them!

You should see the next portrait – it’s very impressive!

Harvey Two Face – The Female Version

The 2018 New York Comic Con offered portraits to cosplayers. Here we see a woman who calls herself Bang Bang Luna dressed as Harvey Two Face from Batman.


Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

We must say that her makeup is phenomenal and her killer stare is spot on!

Hawkman and His Huge Wings

At the 2017 Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con, cosplay models Julia Moreno Jenkins and Andy Holt both dressed as the character Hawkman from the comic book series.


Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images

If you wanna see how celebrities can have even more fun than their fans, check out the next photo.

Passionate Comic-Con Fans

Will Smith and Terry Crews came to Comic-Con International 2017 to promote their Netflix Films: Bright and Death Note.


Kevin Winter/Getty Images

They stole the show onstage at the Netflix panel. Bright is about an LAPD police officer and his orc partner in a world where humans and mythical creatures co-exist.

They Gave Jack Black the Goosebumps

Jack Black was creeped out at Sony Pictures Entertainment’s Goosebumps Panel at Comic-Con International 2014.


Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Jack Black is just so good at being animated. For those who love his movies, one of his best and most underrated is Orange County. Check it out if you want some laughs.

Such Poise!

At the 2018 New York Comic Con, cosplayer dressed up as Killer Frost from the DC Universe stopped for a professional photo shoot.


Roy Rochlin/Getty Images)

This woman’s killer stare perfectly suits the chilling character who literally chills anyone she wants to the bone.

Jenna Elfman Having a Blast

Here we see Jenna Elfman, at Comic Con 2018. She came to promote Fear the Walking Dead.


Ari Perilstein/Getty Images for AMC)

When celebrities get to participate in autograph signing in ways such as this, no wonder they show up every year!

That’s Some Height He Got There

France also held a Comic Con in 2017 at the Grande Halle de la Villette in Paris. And the cosplayers over there are no less passionate than the ones in the US.



The one jumping, however, is a lot more enthusiastic than Superman on the ground to his right. Come on now buddy!

The Rock Takes a Selfie

Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock just had to stop and pose for an epic selfie at LA’s Comic-Con in 2017.


Rich Polk/Getty Images for Entertainment Weekly)

As you can see, that’s quite a lot of fans!