What Was World War I like for the Animals of No Man’s Land

The First World War saw some of the most unprecedented technological advances in the modern world! Soldiers on all fronts would see the introduction of huge battleships, big scary tanks, and enormous amounts of artillery, but behind these innovations, there were warriors who had to deal with the everyday struggles of war, and these soldiers needed animals to help them with all types of things, and these are their stories. We’ve gathered forty pictures that best portray the intimate strife of an animal in “no man’s land.” We look deeper into the role of these trusted gifts from the heavens. What were these animals capable of doing, how did humans teach them to do so many extraordinary things? Some of these animals will leave you in awe of what humanity was capable of doing when faced with the reality of war!

Not an Easy War

World war one was arguably the hardest-fought war in the history of humankind, and as you can, things were not easy for anyone involved. Including this little chicken! The picture says it all. This war was cold, muddy and wet!

Photo by WATFORD/Mirrorpix/Mirrorpix via Getty Images

Luckily this little guy was actually a battalion mascot, and had his own little hut to stay cozy in! Animal war mascots are very prevalent throughout history. Like the next one you will see, some of these mascots did not make any sense!

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