Will Smith Opens up About His Complicated Family Life

Will Smith is one of Hollywood’s most famous stars. He has established a long and successful career and not just as a movie actor – he’s a rapper and producer as well! Quite a talented artist. But over the years, the MIB star faced many controversies. Fans are also curious about his family life, marriage, and millionaire status.

Read on to take a closer look at the Hollywood icon’s complicated family life when he opened up about it. There is certainly more than what you see in News Articles.

Hint: Despite many troubling rumors, Will Smith said this in an interview: “Money and success don’t change people; they merely amplify what is already there.”

Is Jaden Smith a Criminal?

Both Will Smith’s kids have been romantically involved with people who have questionable personalities. In 2015, his son Jaden Smith dated social media personality Sarah Snyder, and she didn’t quite put Jaden in a good light.


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Their relationship lasted for two years, and during those times, Jaden had gotten into some troubles. Snyder was arrested for 3rd-degree larceny. Reports said she went into a store and stole a Hermes bag which was worth almost 16 grand!

Will Smith’s Millionaire Status at a Young Age

Long-time fans of Smith know that he was famous as The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air back in the 80’s. He worked alongside DJ Jazzy Jeff and when the two released their single “Girls Ain’t Nothing But Trouble,” it became quite a hit. They appeared regularly on MTV and became hip-hop stars.


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They even had an album called Rock the House. Their songs topped the Billboard Top 200 charts, and their album became certified Gold. From then, the two became superstars. At only 20 years old, the young rapper was already a millionaire. But it was just the beginning…

Family Rumors

Will and Jada’s family has been the topic of many rumors. They were famous, and it was inevitable that people will talk about them whether or not the stories are true. There have been talk about Will Smith and his family being more than a little unorthodox.


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They said that Will and his wife had an enigmatic relationship and their parenting styles had often been questioned.

Are The Couple Hiding Something?

With rumors about the couple’s unconventional marriage, fans were quite eager to scrutinize the I Am Legend star’s personal life. These posed a threat to how the public perceived both actors.


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One of the things that circulated was that Will and Jada were in an open relationship which some people found difficult to accept as normal. His wife fueled the rumors when she said that at the end of the day, she was not there to be anybody’s watcher. Jada said that Will is a grown man and he has the freedom to do what he wants.

Did Will and Jada Cheat On Each Other?

Since the two had a laidback relationship, more and more rumors came out about Will Smith’s infidelity. People were talking about an alleged affair with Margot Robbie when they worked together in the movie Focus in 2015.


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Will was not alone in these rumors. His wife was also linked with Marc Anthony who starred with her in the show Hawthorne.

50 Exemplary Years

When Will Smith celebrated his 50th birthday, it was in the most ridiculously awesome way possible! His life’s journey has taken many twists and turns.


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His marriage with Jada has been a constant target for speculation. But on his birthday, those speculations were answered.

Crazy Kids

Will and Jada’s kids: Jaden and Willow have also been subjects of numerous rumors. In an interview in 2013, Will said that they do not punish their kids. This made several media outlets skeptical, and some stories came out about the teens.


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One of these is Willow being linked to an older man. Jaden once said publicly that his goal was to be the craziest person of all time.

Will Smith’s Great Advice

There was a point when actor Michael B. Jordan turned to Will Smith for advice. He was having trouble dealing with rumors about him.


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He said that navigating such a challenging scenario has never been easy because no one has helped him. But Jordan admitted that he received insight from Smith but will not disclose exactly what he told him. He did mention that he said to him just to stay focused on his career and keep working hard.

His Daughter’s Strange Ex

When Willow Smith was just 13 years old, she made the headlines with a photo of her lying in bed with an older actor.


The guy was topless though the teenager was adequately dressed. The 20-year-old actor was known as Moises Arias. There has been no evidence of abuse, or that Willow has been in danger of being around him.

Will Smith’s Secret to Happiness

Despite his phenomenal success, Will Smith was a simple guy with simple pleasures. It was not only his riches and successful career that put a genuine smile on his face.


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In his rap song, The Mountaintop, he expressed how he was able to achieve happiness in his 49 years of existence. He said that he has been in the top, and he has been adored, but nothing makes him happier than being useful to others.

Did He Reject An MIT Scholarship?

There was once a rumor going around that Will Smith turned down a scholarship offer from the acclaimed MIT university.


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He never applied but was admitted to a pre-engineering program. Smith addressed the rumor saying that his mother had connections at MIT. The actor had excellent SAT scores, and they extended scholarship offers to African-American kids. Smith would have easily gotten the scholarship, but at the time, he did not intend to go to college.

Not Going to College

At a young age, Will Smith admitted to his family that he wanted to become a professional rapper and did not want to go to college. His folks were shocked about the news and did not support him at first. His parents believed that education was the only way that he could succeed in anything and they were adamant about him getting a degree.


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He and his parents ended up meeting halfway, and they gave their son precisely 12 months to try to be successful as a rapper. Imagine their pleasant surprise when his parents saw their kid achieve just that when they saw him on TV for the first time!

History Makers

Will Smith, then known as The Fresh Prince and his fellow rapper DJ Jazzy Jeff were on the verge of making history just a couple of years after they released their first album back in 1989. Their music genre was on the way to the mainstream, and the Grammy Awards was not too far ahead.


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It was the first time that the award-giving body created a category called Best Rap song to honor the duo for their hit song “Parents Just Don’t Understand.” They were nominated and quite unsurprisingly won the award, and the rest of it is history…

Legal Matters

During his Fresh Prince days, the young rapper star was enjoying his undisputed superstar status. He had quite a lot of money at a very young age, and he was able to enjoy the finer things in life.


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He had his cars, big bikes, and wore designer outfits. But his excessive spending somehow caught up with him when the IRS took away many of his luxuries. He got involved with legal issues in which he had to pay $2.8 million in tax debt.

Going On TV

The young star lacked motivation after his financial crisis, but his then-girlfriend helped him get back onto his feet. She kicked him into his gear, encouraging Smith to try to find another career in entertainment.


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He appeared in The Arsenio Hall Show and eventually bumped into a big producer named Benny Medina who gave him a big break. Will Smith then started his iconic TV show The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. They worked together with music producer Quincy Jones, and the collaboration became a big success!

Will Smith’s First Love

After two great seasons of his show, the young rapper star became even more popular, and he was still in his early 20s. His role in The Fresh Prince of Bel Air was so integral that the producers named it after his rapper screen name.


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Soon after, Will was financially stable and started going out with a woman named Sheree Zampino. She was Will Smith’s first love, and they got married and had a kid, but things got a little messy…

Love Complications

As mentioned, things got a little bit messy with Will Smith’s first love, Sheree Zampino when he met his new love interest. When things didn’t work out between Smith and Zampino, the two decided to separate while he was still doing his show The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.


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In 1995, the rapper star met his now wife Jada Pinkett after she went after the role of The Fresh Prince’s girlfriend. Jada did not end up playing the role, but she and Smith started dating. There was just one complication. Smith was not yet officially divorced and was still married to Zampino.

The Smiths’ Strange Parenting Styles

Will ended up marrying Jada, and the two became subjects of rumors because of their strange parenting. The public has constantly scrutinized the couple about their kids’ upbringing.


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They have always been public about them not punishing their kids even if they did not act accordingly. The Hollywood star recently admitted that he regretted the way they raised their two kids. He said they might have gone a little too far.

Match Made in Bel Air

Jada has said that when she looks back at those times, she wishes she did things differently, but that doesn’t change how she felt for her now husband. She said that she couldn’t control her love for the young actor and the same was true with Smith.


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Will and his then-wife, Zampino finally made their divorce official in 1995. A couple of years after, Will and Jada tied the knot. During this eventual point in his life, Smith was also experiencing lots of radical changes in his professional career.

Conquering the Big Screen

Will Smith’s career spiraled upwards shortly after his new life event. It was a domino effect, and the young star had much luck pushing him from one business venture to the next. He was a young rapper who transitioned to being a TV star. It wasn’t long before Smith finally conquered the big screen.


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He first had a couple of small roles in minor movies, and he was soon wanted in bigger and better projects.

The Holy Trinity

It was in the mid-90s that Smith proved how prolific he could be as a Hollywood star. He starred in three movies which forever secured his name in Hollywood lore. The first one was the 1995 crime comedy Bad Boys where he worked with Martin Lawrence.


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The two had excellent chemistry which resulted in a hilarious and well-made movie. Just a year later, he was cast as the lead in the blockbuster film Independence Day. Then Men In Black happened, and Smith became a darling in the classic sci-fi comedy.

Making Movies With Music

Will Smith’s career and talents did not just stop on the TV and the big screen. He was, after all, a music star and he went on to become a jack of all trades. He can rap, crack jokes, and he was an excellent actor.


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When MIB was released, Smith also released his hit single Men in Black which was the official soundtrack of the movie. It topped the charts in more than ten different countries. Years after, he achieved the same feat when he starred in the movie Wild Wild West where he also recorded the movie’s soundtrack.

Going Solo

Will Smith’s career was at the highest point. He was working with big producers and companies, but this didn’t stop him from creating his solo projects. At the height of his movie acting success, he came up with his debut album Big Willie Style.


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It included a number of his classic singles like songs from Men in Black, and he was once again a famous music star. But it doesn’t stop there. The phenomenal actor and rapper was about to reach another level in his acting career.

The Oscars

After appearing in a few successful comedic movies, Will Smith was ready to take on more serious roles and projects. He was determined to prove that he had more acting talents than what was initially perceived.


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He first had this life-turning opportunity when he landed the role of the legendary boxer Muhammed Ali in the award-winning movie Ali in 2001. His performance earned him universal acclaims, and he was nominated for the Best Actor Award in the Oscars. Smith did it again when he did the heartwarming movie The Pursuit of Happiness when he earned the same nomination for his lead role.

Record Breaker

Will Smith was on fire during the 2000’s! It was one of the highest points of his career, especially in the acting department. He was once considered to be the most powerful actor in Hollywood during those times.


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He set an impressive record starting in 11 consecutive movie hits which earned more than a hundred million dollars worldwide. This feat began in 2002 with Men in Black up to 2013 with the sci-fi movie After Earth. It seemed that everything he touched in Hollywood turned to gold.

His Kids’ Achievement

Despite many controversies that his two kids faced, they were not hindered from being very successful, and they proved that the apples do not fall far from the tree. It was not a surprise that his children were just as talented as their parents.


Willow Smith attends the CHANEL Paris Cosmopolite show. Photo by Jun Sato/WireImage

Willow became a young pop star with her hit song Whip My Hair when she was just ten years old. Jaden Smith followed his dad’s footsteps when he took on Hollywood roles in The Pursuit of Happiness and After Earth. He did both movies with his father.

Experiencing Grief

Actor James Avery had a huge role in Will Smith’s life being the actor who played Uncle Phil in his show The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. He made a significant impact on Smith’s life even after they stopped filming the TV show. When Avery died in 2014, Smith was devastated.


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He said it felt like he lost a family member. Smith said that he learned some of his life’s greatest lessons from the late actor. He said that every young man could use an Uncle Phil in his life.

Going Back to Music

After he released his last album in 2005, fans have been speculating if Will Smith will come up with another one and return to the music industry. But he made a clear impression that he will not be returning when he released the World Cup anthem “Live It Up” where it seems he would not be making a rap comeback anytime soon.


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Smith said he got to a point where he feels empty but he’s excited and energized for other things.

Becoming the Genie

There was hardly any downtime in Will Smith’s career in over 30 years. He has not taken a break whether on TV or the big screen. He always seems to be working on a new project.


Photo by Walt Disney Pictures

At 50, Smith was still not slowing down. One of his big projects is playing the iconic role of the Genie in Disney’s upcoming live adaptation of the classic fairy tale Aladdin.

A Big Birthday Bash

When Smith celebrated his 50th birthday, it was in his naturally big Willy style. He invited a few friends and family to watch him fly over the Grand Canyon on his birthday! He even bungee jumped from a plane, and it was filmed live.


It doesn’t stop there. The rapper and actor released video footages of his jump on his YouTube channel, and the video got almost 5 million views in just 24 hours! At half a century of age, Will Smith is still one man that the world wants to see.

Having Faith

One of the many questions about Will Smith’s personality is whether or not he believed in a higher being. There were many rumors about his religious beliefs. The Hollywood actor was known to have had a Baptist upbringing, but on numerous interviews, he had denied any affiliation with religious organizations.


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Shocking to some are his favorable comments about Scientology though the actor never confirmed being a member of the church. He said that the ideas in Scientology are brilliant and he thinks that they are revolutionary.

Will Smith’s Beginnings with DJ Jazzy Jeff

You already know that Will Smith started propelling up in his career with his partnership with co-star Jazzy Jeff.


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The two hit it off, and Smith soon became famous as the Fresh Prince. This is a clear indication that Will Smith will become a huge success and a unique star.