Would You Buy a Yard Sale Item for $1 That You Knew Was Worth a Lot More, or Would You Tell the Owner?

What is it about yard sales that Americans love so much? Is it the fact that you can get a glimpse into the home owner’s life and see what they have? Or could it be the hope that you might find something really valuable, by accident? That’s exactly what happened to Bruce Scapecchi. The yard sale lover thought he was looking through an ordinary run of the mill garage sale. But he ended up finding something that was too valuable to sell. See what he ended up doing.

A Typical Yard Sale

Bruce Scapecchi is a man who loves yard sales. He’s browsed through countless sales throughout his life. Sometimes buying items, sometimes just perusing. He said, “I go in the summer, anywhere between 2,000 to 5,000 garage sales.”



But one day, Bruce’s avid yard sale hunting finally paid off. He bought an item that ended up being worth a very pretty penny.

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