Sometimes Working Out Isn’t What it Seems. Unreal Moments Caught at the Gym

Going to the gym doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s full of hard-working gym rats that live and breathe fitness. Sometimes, there are surprising and unexpected moments at the gym that may catch you off guard. Like these photos, you’re about to see. Enjoy!

Twinning at the Gym

It’s not every day that you see twins, let alone at the gym. And also wearing matching outfits.


Source: Ninja Journalist

Don’t twins stop wearing matching outfits when they get to grade school? Guess not in this case.

No! Not a Good Idea!

How did nobody tell this guy that what he’s doing is simply a bad idea! Isn’t he worried about his baby?


Source: Ninja Journalist

It goes to show the length people will go to just to keep working out. No babysitter? A trip to the gym it is.

The next gym scene will make you giggle for sure.

While Your Hair Dries

That’s right, you can work out while your hair curlers are drying. If you have the time, why not?


Source: Aggoureos

Mind you, it doesn’t really look like she’s doing much of a workout. She probably just wanted to watch TV.

No Comment

We’re only going to comment on two things. One is her gym outfit. Do all the slits in the material give her more room to breathe?


Source: Candy Online

And the second thing is her trainer. Does holding on to her stomach help her lift the bar? Hmm..

Ever seen a male trainer in a cat leotard? See the next photo.

That’s Right

Yup, that’s right. He’s wearing a leotard with a large cat on it. And we have a lot in common with the woman who took this selfie.


Source: Ninja Journalist

Our faces are expressing the same emotion – confusion, and disappointment.

When You Don’t Have an iPhone

So this guy is pretty resourceful, apart from the ridiculousness of this photo. He didn’t have an iPhone. So what did he do?



He put his laptop in his pants. Because who wants to risk putting it on the floor and getting ruined?

Next, sometimes the gym has eye candy too.

Eye Candy

Going to the gym doesn’t have to be filled with sweaty old dudes and people who wear their pajamas to work out.


Source: Ninja Journalist

Sometimes pretty young woman lift weights too. And they pose for photos.

Brain Machine

Your brain needs a workout too. And not a mental workout. This guy is ahead of the game and chose to work out his head.


Source: Locarisa

Let’s hope he has some Advil for when he leaves.

If you want to see a strange but amusing gym scene, look at the next page.

It Takes Five

In this case, it takes five people to create a workout. We’re not sure if they’re practicing for a gymnastics routine or this is their actual gym routine.


Source: Baomoi

Either way, it’s amusing and we don’t mind. These guys can do this stunt every time.

Selfies are More Important

If we had a nickel for every time someone took a selfie at the gym, we’d be rich! This girl is just one of the many girls that like to take selfies more than half of her time at the gym.


Source: Scoop Whoop

At least the gym was empty and no one was staring.

Would you expect a doughnut company to be in a gym? Yeah, we didn’t either…

Krispy Kreme

Since when does Krispy Kreme consider themselves a part of the fitness world? Don’t they know they’re the problem?


Source: ADN Sureste

The people must have had a hard time resisting the donuts on their way out of the place.

Batman’s Routine

Yes, Batman goes to the gym and he runs on the treadmill. How else do you think he manages to stay fit?


Source: ADN Sureste

Don’t forget he has to save a lot of people, and he has to keep up his fitness routine.

Next, another photo op at the gym.

Another Photo Op Moment

Oh, how people love posing at the gym. Shall we comment on her otherworldly proportions?


Source: Ninja Journalist

Her waist is literally half of the width of her thighs! How is that even possible? Oh, well, good for her.

His Trainer or Girlfriend?

So we have some questions. Is that his trainer? His girlfriend? Both? This is a new way to spot someone at the weight lift bench.


Source: The Geyik

But hey, it doesn’t look like he’s complaining.

Next, working out upside down. Ever tried it?

A New Method

Now that’s an interesting method we haven’t seen before. And we’re also not sure what the point of it is.


Source: Pop Sugar

What is he gaining by doing it upside down? There must be a machine that targets the area he’s looking to target. So this is beyond us.

Fake it Till You Make it

This guy believes that if he wants to be a cyclist, he’s going to have to dress the part. He doesn’t care that he’s in a gym ant on the road.


Source: Ninja Journalist

He’s on a mission and let his uniform guide him there.

The next photo is a sight you don’t see every day.

A New Workout?

Maybe this is a new workout for fit young women to do in the hallways of the gym. And they can see how high up the wall they can go.


Source: New York Post

And then again, maybe it’s just another photo opportunity for a good Instagram post. But who knows?

Take the Stairs!

If you’re going to the gym, take the stairs! Don’t be lazy and take the escalator. See it as a warm up to your workout.


Source: Ninja Journalist

The next photo can be seen as a really good tool for motivation, or as just plain cruel.

Motivation or Cruelty?

This is either the best motivation for a cake lover to work out and get fit or it’s the meanest thing a trainer can do to his client.


Source: Ninja Journalist

And funnily enough, the guy is eating the cake in between sets! How does that even work?

You’re Doing it Wrong

Hey buddy, you’re doing it wrong. Not only is it not efficient, but it’s also dangerous. It’s actually pretty simple.


Source: Eternal Lifestyle

When you’re at a machine at the gym and you don’t know how to use it, just look around! If no one else is on a ball on the bench, chances are that’s not the way.

Next, the bikes are a place to have your snack, apparently.

Ice Cream Ride

Take a ride on the stationary bikes with your ice cream cone. Why? Because why not?


Source: Eternal Lifestyle

If you already know that you’re not going to try hard, then some ice cream isn’t going to hurt anyone.

Tough Guy

Okay, tough guy, we get it. You’re strong and buff. But how on earth is this possible and how is it not extremely dangerous?


Source: Imgur

We wouldn’t be shocked if we heard that he broke both his kneecaps. Or at least tore his muscles. But hey, at least he does leg days.

Next, some people exercise in their bathroom attire…

A Towel? Really?

Is this guy serious? A walk on the treadmill in his towel? He must have been holding it the whole time so it wouldn’t fall down.


Source: Imgur

Or maybe it did and the person who took this photo missed out on the more opportune moment.

Let’s Get Real Now

Okay, let’s get real now. No one is fooled. You’re not working out and we’re not sure why you’re even in the gym.


Source: Ninja Journalist

Judging by your face, you don’t even care.

If you want to see what missing leg days look like, see the next photo.

Remember: Don’t Miss Leg Days

Most guys have days where they target different areas. One day legs, one-day upper body, one-day arms, etc.


Source: Karen Haliburton

This guy? Everyday arms. He forgot about his legs. Remember folks, keep it in balance.

Some More Twins

It’s okay, we don’t mind. They can do their twin poses as long as they want. The place is empty.


Source: London Media

It would be different if this is what they did while people were waiting in line to use the machine. That’s a different story.

Don’t try the next move at home…

Don’t Try This at Home, Folks

It’s not clear what she’s doing exactly, but whatever it is, it looks dangerous. And we recommended not trying this.


Source: Ninja Journalist

And judging by her face, it doesn’t look like she expected to be up so high.

Like A Mouse

Maybe we’re missing the point when we’re exercising. Maybe we should be taking a lesson from our mouse friends.


Source: Locarisa

Maybe running like a mouse in a wheel is the way to go. No? Okay, maybe not.

Ever worked out in heels? The next woman does.

High Heel Workout

It may be her style, working out in high heels. But it doesn’t look like a good idea. Not only does it seem dangerous…


Source: Ninja Journalist

It also seems like it’s not the best foundation for lifting weights. But in her mind, it’s no pain no gain.

Poor Guy

This kid needs a spotter. Why is no one helping him? He clearly looks like he needs some help.


Source: YouTube

Look at him – he’s turning red like a tomato. He should just stop and take off the weight.

Next up, more exercising in style.

Girl, it’s a Gym

Here’s another woman who isn’t willing to sacrifice her high-heel style. Sneakers? No way. She does everything in heels.


Source: Worldemand

The gym, the supermarket, house cleaning – all in heels. Let’s hope she didn’t twist her ankle. Ouch.

The Best Gym Buddy

Going to the gym with a buddy is one of the best ways to stay committed to working out.


Source: Ninja Journalist

And who’s a better friend than your pet French bulldog? The dog even knows how to stretch. So cute.

In the Moment

Forget the fact that this guy is using the wrong machine as a leg press. He’s in the moment.


Source: Tumblr

He has his headphones on, clearly loving the vibe that he got into. So why are we to judge? He’s having the time of his life.

When You’re Tall

Sometimes when you’re tall, you have to deal with situations that the rest of us normal-heighted people don’t think about.



Like how sometimes you have to put your head in the ceiling in order to work out on the elliptical. It is what it is.

The next photo left us speechless.


We don’t really understand what’s going on here. Do you? If so, please fill us in.


Source: Ninja Journalist

There are so many elements to this photo that we don’t know where to begin. So we’re just not going to say anything.

Keep Your Head Up

It’s important to remain positive and keep your head up right? Like this woman. She needs to keep her head up and for a good reason.



She wants to make sure the weights won’t fall down. Maybe she’s had a bad experience before.

Martinis Anyone?

Hey, she’s allowed. She’s lived so many years that she can treat herself to a martini while at the gym.


Source: Ninja Journalist

At least she’s not doing any heavy lifting. Throwing around a green ball seems like light enough workout for her.

Hulk? Is that You?

Look everybody, the Incredible Hulk isn’t green! And he’s taking a rest in between sets at the local gym.


Source: Down the Gym

One thing we know for sure: don’t mess with this guy.

When You Don’t Have a TV at Home

This is what happens when you don’t have a TV at home. You go to the gym, put a chair on the treadmill, and watch the Price is Right.


Source: Damn Cool Pictures

Okay, maybe not the Price is Right. But our second guess would be Wheel of Fortune.


It’s good to have hobbies. Even if it means bringing them to your workout on the treadmill.


Source: Daily Greatest

It’s just a matter of keeping the focus on moving your feet so that you don’t fall down.