Timing is Everything: Check Out These Perfectly Timed Sports’ Photos

When it comes to sports, for most people, it’s really about the love for the game, a loved one is playing in a team, or maybe it’s just your favorite team playing, the outstanding performances, the sense of pride and victory. Still, let’s not ignore the fact that sports provide us with beautiful moments, either deliberate or not. Some of these moments are usually captured on camera. Sometimes, these photos are well timed that they make us understand the athleticism, speed, and agility that sporting events put on display. On some other occasions, these photos are just plain hilarious. So, let’s take a look at some of these perfectly times sports. You’ll surely have a good laugh.

Halloween Came Early!

Have you actually seen the expression of someone that’s really terrified of a little ball? Worse still, a basketball player that’s scared of a ball? It’s fun to picture this as a Halloween contest and watching the Milwaukee Bucks player warming up to the vibe.


source: imgur.com

How else can one explain the pure terror on #0’s face (), as his gaze follows the direction of the ball? Or maybe he’s worried the ball might be in danger. Either way, this player is just too scared of the ball to be on the basketball court. Perhaps, it’s a good idea that you face your fears before choosing to play a sport you love.

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