Top 10 Red Cards in Most Crucial Matches in World Cup History

#9 Zinedine Zidane, France vs. Italy (World Cup 2006 Finals)

A moment engraved into history, 20th minute of extra time in the World cup 2006 finals in Berlin. The stakes are high; any mistake will possibly lead to triumphal cheers of the opposite side. In the adrenaline rush that follows a rough exchange, Marko Materazzi and then captain of France Zinedine Zidane exchange words. What Materazzi failed to anticipate, however, was the fierce reaction Zinedine Zidane would have. After Matterazi allegedly insulted Zidane’s sister, Zidane head-butted his sternum in what would become one of most memorable moments in football history.

Granting him a red card, this left France without their best player just minutes before penalties. France ended up losing 5 to 3 on the penalties, possibly owing to the absence of their best player.

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