Weirdest Sports You’ve Probably Never Heard of

The 29th August of each year marks the National Sports Day and is celebrated by all including lovers of weird sports. Weird sports are meant for those who want to see games in an all-new way out of the ordinary.

It is not everyone who likes to play volleyball, basketball, or football but other people prefer engaging in different sports that may sound weird to the rest of the world. People have different taste, and this is the basis for the introduction of different sports that we have. These sports are not new but have existed for decades and are only not known to the world because they are limited to areas where they were invented. The following is a list of ten weirdest sports that very little is known about them.

Wife Carrying

This game was invented in Sonkajarvi, Finland. Just as the game suggests, each male participant is supposed to carry their wives through designed obstacles. The winner of the game is the fastest of the participants who carry his wife to the touchline.


DORKING, UNITED KINGDOM – APRIL 8: Competitors take part in the 2018 Wife Carrying Race in Dorking, Surrey, England on April 8, 2018.’ (Photo by Isabel Infantes/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)

Herkko Rosvo-Ronkainen is believed to be the inventor of the game back in the 1800’s. The initial terrain was a rocky terrain, but currently, the ground is covered with sand for safety measures. There are only two obstacles each one meter deep, and participants must be over 17 years of age.

Chess Boxing

Lepe Rubingh, a Dutch performance artist, was the inventor of this game. This is a simple game that is currently taking roots all over the world mostly in Russia, the United Kingdom, and Germany.


Karl Ouch (right) and Ion Citu play a round of chess during their bout at Scala, London

Players fight in alternating just like playing in the game of chess in rounds. The winner of the game is determined by the judges based on points acquired or when an opponent is knocked down.

Cheese Rolling

This is an annual event that is held in England, but the game was invented by locals from a village of Brockworth, Gloucestershire. Other countries such as the United States, Nepal, and Australis currently do take part in the annual event.


GLOUCESTERSHIRE, UNITED KINGDOM – MAY 30: People tumble downhill as they take part in the annual cheese rolling event at Coopers Hill on May 30, 2016 in Gloucestershire, England. (Photo by Charlie Bryan / Barcroft Images / Barcroft Media via Getty Images)

Participants roll from a hill after which competitors start racing. The winner is declared as the first person to cross the line as they aim to catch the cheese. The actual award for the winner is a prize equivalent to real cheese.

Street Luge

This is a dangerous game that involves many casuals than any other sport in this list. It is for this reason that the game takes so much caution and only takes place in a certified ground which undergo safety inspections.


(Photo by Cris Faga/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

The game relies heavily on gravity which takes to speeds of up to 164km/h with the player attaining the highest speed being declared the winner. The game was invented in southern California by the natives. Its first professional race was held in 1975 at Signal Hill, California.

Egg Throwing

Also referred to as egg tossing is among the oldest sports of all times. Initially, the game was meant to signify the rebirth of the earth, and this is the reason it is associated with Easter. Many Christians enjoyed participating in the egg throwing challenge while also pagans played the game as a celebration for spring.


A competitor goes to catch a thrown egg trying to do so without it smashing during an egg-throwing discipline of the 2017 World Egg Throwing Championships at Swaton Vintage Fair in Lincolnshire, England on June 25, 2017. Entrants travel from many countries to take part in the annual village fair where the World Egg Throwing Championships are held. There are different categories and disciplines including Russian roulette, egg target throwing with accuracy, egg throwing static relay and the trebuchet challenge. (Photo by LINDSEY PARNABY/AFP/Getty Images)

The game originated in Swaton, England as a common practice among the Christians. The winner in this game should toss the egg to the ground without breaking.

Underwater Hockey

This sport is also referred to as Octopush and has its origin in the United Kingdom. The competition was invented by Alan Blake from England back in 1954 and is currently played globally. The game is played across the bottom of a marked swimming pool by two opposing teams.


GOLD COAST, AUSTRALIA – JANUARY 26: Kate Boulus of Queensland and Toby Bond of Tasmania contest for the puck during the 2014 Australian Underwater Hockey Championships at Palm Beach Aquatic Centre on January 26, 2014 on the Gold Coast, Australia. (Photo by Matt Roberts/Getty Images)

The rules of this game are similar to those of hockey and winners are determined based on points acquired in each game. Players use special playing sticks the size of a banana. Each team should have ten players but only six players for each team play at a time. Each game plays for two halves for a period of 10-15 minutes.

Shin Kicking

This is one of the oldest sports in the world and originated in England. The 17th century involves only two players whose main objective is to hit the other’s shin until the opponent hits the ground. Initially, the game was very popular among Cornish miners before spreading to rest of Europe.


The shin-kicking championships, one of the events during the Cotswold Olimpicks 2014, taking place near Chipping Campden in Gloucestershire. (Photo by Anna Lythgoe/PA Images via Getty Images)

There is an annual event for this sport and is help at the famous Dover’s hill in Chipped Campden. The rules are simple; each player is supposed to hold its opponent’s collar and kick their shin to the ground. The inventors of this games were soldiers of the royal guard who used to entertain the royal family.

Toe Wrestling

Going toe-to-toe is the role of the game and involves two players at ago wrestling with their toes. It’s a simple game where players interlock their toes and wrestle until one gives up. A point is awarded against the player who lifts his foot or breaks a role. This sport goes for three rounds, and the winner must win two of those rounds.


CHONGQING, CHINA – JULY 11: People compete in a toe wrestling competition at a water park on July 11, 2018 in Chongqing, China. (Photo by VCG)

The sport was invented in 1974 by four drinkers in the United Kingdom. The inventors were Pete Cheetham, Pete Dean, Eddie Stanfield and Mick Dawson. The sports rule dictates that as a show of respect to the other player. Each player should remove its opponent’s shoes and socks.

Sepak Takraw

This is very close to what know as volleyball and was initially played by native southern Asians. The ball used in this sport is made of dried leaves and players pass the ball with their arms. Malaysian and Thailand are the only two countries in the world who are currently practicing this game on a large scale.


A sepak takraw player from Thailand roll spikes the ball over the net against Singapore during the King’s Cup Sepaktakraw World Championship in Bangkok on December 14, 2017. (Photo by LILLIAN SUWANRUMPHA/AFP/Getty Images)

The sport involves two teams, and a point is awarded against the team that fails to keep the ball on air. The team that earns many points at the end of the game are announced the winners.


This fictional sport commonly played at “Hogwarts” and usually combine magic, a perfect touch of violence, and athleticism. The game was initially invented at Middlebury College and was part of the famous fantasy series of Harry Potter. Quidditch is known from the Harry Potter novels and for is not for people without ‘flying brooms.’ Still, this sport is up and coming, in Hamburg as well.


10 June 2018, Germany, Hamburg: Quidditch, Northern German League: Timo Trittin (R) of the Hamburg Werewolves positioning himself for a shot during the match against Braunschweig Broewicorns. Photo: Markus Tischler/dpa (Photo by Markus Tischler/picture alliance via Getty Images)