Where They Got Their Names? (NBA Edition)

America; Day One – The 76ers

On July 4th, 1776 Philadelphia forever stitched itself into history with the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and John Adams were looking out for the welfare of the American dream. They took the risk of declaring a new nation to the world with humble hopes; “freedom, and justice for all,” and the spirit of Philadelphia has thrived ever since! Today is known as the city of brotherly love;


Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Philadelphia has some of the most passionate fans in sports history with the Liberty Bell etched in the heart of every “Philly” fan in the city, and in 1963 Philly got another gift that too many fans was just as special. Their very own basketball team! After transferring from Syracuse, the “Nationals” needed a new name. One more befitting to Philadelphia, and nothing fits the bill more than the declaration that gave the city its shine. The team was named the 76ers.

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