Where They Got Their Names? (NBA Edition)

One of the Biggest Sports in the World

Today Basketball is among the most trending sports in the world, if not the most after soccer. Where sports like football, baseball, rugby, hockey, or cricket are trendy, they reserve popularity in varying regions. For instance, you’re not going to see a growing Hockey organization in the middle of Kuwait or a cricket championship in the US that has ratings like the ones in India.


Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

Basketball (like Soccer,) has a widespread fan base both locally and internationally in every continent on earth. With multiple leagues in more than 100 countries around the world. It’s evident that basketball broke the same cultural around the globe. The motherload of all leagues is the one and only NBA. Our first team on the list you may recognize if you heard of the liberty bell, or ever had a cheesesteak “wis wit.”

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