Movie Sequels That Were Better Than The Original

When a movie is a spellbinding success, many filmmakers to try to keep the franchise alive and rekindle the magic with movie sequels. Since the first movie has already captured a die-hard fan base, a follow-up often seems like a sure-fire financial bet.

Some movie sequels manage to offer another round of pure movie magic. A few of these successful ones often captivate fans with an enthralling plot, a combination of familiar elements from the first movie, or add a fresh, innovative twist.

Still, some sequels fail to live up to the hype, either because the script was written in as a shameless cash grab, or the original actors or directors can’t live up to the potential.

However, there are still some movie sequels which manage to buck the trend and become better than the original. From modern-day thrillers to superhero franchises or classic westerns, some movie sequels managed to captivate the audience once again and even add value to the franchise. So being movie buffs, we’ve ranked the greatest movie sequels of all time!

40. The National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

While it may be rare for a comedy sequel to surpass the sequel, many felt that the third installment of the National Lampoon’s series is the greatest of the trilogy. This is mainly because the Christmas Vacation comedy road-trip offers pure holiday magic and widely viewed as the funniest in the franchise.

Photo by Warner Bros.

Ever since National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation was released in 1959, it became an iconic Christmas classic. Fans loved that it brought back their favorite characters, including Chevy Chase and Randy Quaid. The movie offers a hilarious plot and comedy timing, and many younger fans can enjoy this re-watchable classic today.

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