Man Buys a 2$ Photo in an Antique Shop and is Floored When He Sees Who’s in It

You see this man right here? The one holding up this photo for all of us to see? Well, he bought this photo for $2.00. And this particular photo turned out to be worth a fortune. Why? Because of the famous person captured in it. The average person wouldn’t have even picked it up, let alone realize who was in the photo. But this man was not the average person.

It all started when he walked into that antique store…


Facebook/Randy Guijarro

Randy Guijarro liked to collect things. His mother nicknamed him “the hoarder” when he was seven. Ever since he was a kid, Randy would pick up pennies from the street, scrap from the yard, and shiny buttons. When he walked into the thrift shop on that fateful day, he didn’t realize he would buy something that would lead to an eventual treasure worth millions.

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