Things You did not Know About “Sports Illustrated”

Sports Illustrated Redesigned in 1960


People look through the premiere issue of Sports Illustrated magazine on a Manhattan sidewalk, New York, New York, August 16, 1954. (Photo by Susan Wood/Getty Images)

Henry realized that the magazine was being poorly managed by his staff which had a negative attitude towards the idea. His original plan was to cover sports widely the lazy team back then only focused on yachting and polo which they referred to as the elitist sport. The redesigning started with the hiring of Andre Laguerre who was a very experienced editor in 1960. The magazine started giving much emphasis on using full-color photographs of every sport that the magazine covered. The editor also decided to focus on all games and gave more attention to everyday sports like football and baseball. The magazine also hired committed and talented writers like Dan Jenkins and Frank Deform, this was the beginning of the famous Sports Illustrated which we know today.

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